Cancel Culture Victims

Staff of Color lol. Sounds like something a crap wizard would carry.

“I wield the Staff of Power!”
“I wield the Staff of Torment!”
“I wield the Staff of Color!”


“[T]he camps were incredibly diverse and inclusive then. I was exposed to a number of children of different ethnic and social backgrounds that I would not have experienced otherwise. It helped broaden my young developing mind. …I hope that these issues can be overcome as Hidden Villa is an important resource for education and recreation in these challenging times.”

Sounds like those days are over. I hope they convert it into a tree farm.

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Do you know about Black Rod?

Black Rod

Black Rod is a senior officer in the House of Lords, responsible for controlling access to and maintaining order within the House and its precincts.

The Clerk of the Parliaments, to whom Black Rod reports, is in overall charge of the administration of the House, which provides all other services for Members of the Lords.

Black Rod’s parliamentary duties fall into two categories: administrative and ceremonial.

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Very confusing poster. Is the camp name hidden villa, or dreamer? Is the director’s name Summer Camp? Because that’s an awesome name for that job. And do those pronouns belong to Ms. Camp, or to the actual camp?

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Maybe canceled is the wrong word… murdered his career, maybe?

His career has survived him several times.

Bad marriage, abusive father… SNL star. He’s top tier celebrity.

The only thing that murders a celebrity career is no longer making bank. He may have finally reached that point. We’ll see.

Mel Gibson is someone who makes bank and would otherwise likely be cancelled.

Arguably the classic example. Bite the hand that feeds you and continue to get fed


One of my favorite comic strips is getting hammered.

That’s disingenuous at best from him. The company that owns all those newspapers is switching syndication services to make the comics page in all 77 newspapers uniform. While I disagree with the actions of many large “newspaper” companies (really just hedge funds stripping for parts), Adams isn’t the only comic strip artist affected by this. This has nothing to do with cancel culture. It’s shareholders.

Yes. That’s an opinion all right.

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I blame Soros.

Any time someone loses business it must be because they were fighting the noble crusade against wokeism.

“Indeed, many other comics said to have been dropped, like Red and Rover, are patently apolitical.”

That dog had MAGA written all over him.


Which part? Dilbert not being the only comic strip affected? Or a uniform comics page across 77 newspapers? Those sure sound like facts to me.

I’m not sure when Scott Adams lost the plot, but he went crazy at some point. I remember when his show was on UPN (it sucked ass - and I really liked the comic then) and got cancelled - it had shitty ratings, and he blamed the cancellation on being on UPN with a bad time slot (iirc, he had shitty ratings even within his time slot). Then, a couple years ago, he started blaming the cancellation (from the early - mid 2000s?) on him being white. I guess he always had a little bit of victim mentality there, but it really went crazy at some point.


I watched it a few times. The reruns late at night were great for falling asleep to. It really wasn’t funny. No one is entitled to laughs if the shit they’re writing is, well, shit. I’ve always kind of liked the strip, though, but “kind of liked” isn’t a ringing endorsement for something that’s supposed to make me laugh.