Cancel Culture Victims

What’s the name of the Federal leader of the NDP who you voted for?
What’s his stance on wokeness?

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The NDP is a single policy party? And that policy is wokeness?

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And all you hear is…
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Yes it is. It might not be the answer you want but the ball is still in your court to demonstrate a contradiction.

Now, demonstrate a contradiction or piss off. I owe you nothing and you have no credibility with me anymore.

I was sleeping. Anyways, if you can’t demonstrate a contradiction and you can’t understand my answer then there’s no more point in engaging with you. demonstrate a contradiction or piss off

And it is about time to do the adult thing and stop arguing with you.

Thank you, another example of the kind of ridiculous assumption which @ecanada must hold in order for the contradiction to be true.

I was sleeping, but since you brought it up, I’m still waiting for proof of contradiction from @ecanada since these crickets:

and waiting for you, @McNulty:

@ecanada and @mcnulty, you two can’t complain that people don’t answer your questions and then refuse to answer others. There is a word for this kind of behaviour that I’m not allowed to use, but I think everyone knows it when they see it.

So, there’s a link here for both of you. I even had a nice sleep and all I woke up to was shade. If you can’t have a serious discussion with the big boys, stop embarrassing yourselves and just move on.


A long winded response which didn’t answer my question.
To me it’s clear. You’re not Canadian and you don’t live there. You never voted for the NDP and you made it up for anonymity.

If you were just sleeping, it’s likely you live in Asia, unless you work the night shift in Canada.

Come clean @TT
I don’t enjoy talking to you. But in the last 8 hours, you’ve refused to answer.

I don’t care your stance on wokeness, but please stop being dishonest

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dodge, and probably against community standards

Do you live in Canada?

prove a contradiction or apologize (or piss off). this is a red line and you get nothing more until then. you can’t skip past the hard parts and then complain when i refuse to gloss over your foolishness and terrible behaviour.

I did several times.

That’s a no.


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dodge, can’t accuse me of crickets

jagmeet Signh. That’s his name. What’s his stance on wokeness?

irrelevant. prove i have posted contradictory things and stop dodging. if you can’t prove it with the information you have, apologize and don’t expect me to keep giving you information until you can fit it into the belief you already have.

Nope. Is it against community standard to lie to everyone about who you are and where you’re from?

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but if you can’t prove the lie, what does that make you?

also you’re dodging again

Pretty much. They’re extreme progressive. AOC had a meeting with the leader recently. I voted for them in college but I find their views to be too extreme. A large part of their platform is about race issues and wokeness. Feel free to read their platform. The full name of the party of the New Democratic Party

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lol, so i was right

how continually embarrassing for you. the lack of shame and credibility demonstrated on this thread is astounding

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I’d think a Canadian Phd level scholar would probably know this. Or where Kelowna is. Or that Horgan is a provincial NDP premier. Especially if professing to be an expert in the field of politics and Cultural Studies. There was just an article in the AOC thread about Singh and AOC doing a charity fundraiser together, even I know who he is and I pay little attention to Canadian politics. How can he not name him at all, or anything he thinks? Especially given his disdain for ‘woke’ culture.

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dodge, and personal

i can do this all day guys, put up or shut up and quit trying to prove your points with weak assumptions and personal attacks

for your convenience:

my dodgy sense is tingling…