Cancel Culture Victims

IOTW, yes.

IOTW, no.

I know (and am related to) a hell of a lot of NDP voters who are opposed to wokeness- my cousin is a Pentecostalist anti-abortion homophobe who votes NDP on economic grounds, a good friend of mine rants against immigrants, feminism, and tree-huggers (don’t get him started on native rights) and proudly has a Horgan bumper-sticker on his pick-up. A lot of coastal loggers and fishermen, as well as Vancouver factory workers, vote NDP while having conservative (for Canada) social values.


When socialists turned into progressives.


Your posts have been comical. Not sure whether it is intended or not.


This video might give you some perspective. Start at 5:35. This is the guy who inspired Kaepernick’s kneeling during the anthem.

Maybe pink and blue, but that would probably be called misogynist or whatever _____ist is the flavor of the month.

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Right, but it was unintentional and I’m sure it was corrected.
This just highlights the need for real people moderating.
Or are you suggesting the computers were programmed to be “woke”…:joy:…?

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Do some people see ‘hatred’ and think, “I should date them to not be hateful?”.

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Woke computers, this calls for Battlestar Galactica measures!

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But over time the computer algorithms can be adjusted to be anything the programmers want. So, if the objective is censorship through something called woke, then that will be achieved quite quickly. Surely this is going to achieve whatever goals are desired more accurately than having people make subjective calls, however hard they have been trained to make the desired calls.

Right, and what is the effect on people who are wrongfully suspended from a platform for woke abuse? How does that change their posting? Death by a thousand woke man buns.

I wasn’t suggesting it should happen, I was saying that it would over time be a more effective route to woke censorship than using human moderators.

I agree with you. However, my feeling is that more tweaking is more worser. The meat mods will just try and be craftier.

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Yeah, they’d just be more indirect in their questioning.

I think this should be in the peak woke thread.

Not about cancel culture victims specifically, but more generally:

“That a company engaged in conservative or liberal political activity did not affect Republicans’ opinions of that company, but it did for Democrats. (As previously reported, Democrats didn’t care one way or another if a Jones Corp engaged in liberal activities.) That means the 33% drop in opinion when Jones Corps engaged in a conservative agenda was entirely driven by participants who identified as Democrats.”

Dr Seuss