Canceled:American Voter Registration Drive Tainan

Apologies to all the people in Tainan who assisted the Overseas Americans in Taiwan set up a voter registration drive in Tainan this weekend.
There simply is no time left to get those ballot request in.
Eric W. Lier

American Citizens in Tainan
Register to Vote in Us Election 2004
Voter Registration Drive
The Overseas Americans in Taiwan will offer assistance, forms and information to
assist in registering to vote.
Go Dutch Cafe
Sunday Afternoon
Number 18-1
Wei Min Street,
Tainan, Taiwan
Call Eric
or 0938428681
See you there

Do you give out “VOTE KERRY” t-shirts at your booth?

[quote]We are an orthodox voting block of absentee American voters in Taiwan.
A not-for-profit, non-partisan organization devoted to to ensuring the rights and well being of Americans in Taiwan.
Are you coming ?

Here’s an article from today’s NY Times on expat voter registration and absentee voting that you’ll probably find interesting … ry.html?hp

Got my overseas absentee ballot in my Taipei mailbox yesterday and I only mailed in my request less than 3 weeks ago (I am from a swinger state).

Seems the NYT is trying to start a fuss or controversy.

Federal voter assistance website mentioned in the article

The drive last weekend in Taichung went off without a hitch, and Boomer got a good number of people set up to vote… :notworthy:

Sorry it is too late. The Voter registration drive for Tainan has been cancelled.
I just got off the phone with the FVAP. They informed me that the last possible day for registering to vote in election 2004 is today. You can register to vote online in some states and by fax in all but a few.
They have a toll free number to call from Taiwan but it doesn’t work from my cell phone.
TAIWAN 0080-13-9817

Just found a Kerry-Edwards website for overseas Americans
You can download the actual federal ballot from the website which you can use to vote.

I don’t think this is for unregistered voters. I think it’s for people who already registered at some point in their lives previously but are having trouble receiving their states’ absentee ballot or did not request one before the deadline.