Canceling an ARC

Let’s take a real situation…

  1. John has a 2 year ARC about 1 month old and has been here 3 months.
  2. He did not sign a contract of any sort in English.
  3. He did sign all the paper work required to apply for an ARC. But it’s all in Chinese.
  4. He is making less than 20,000 per month untill Sept.
  5. Has a new job lined up.
  6. Needs a cancelation letter from the school. Stamped by the owner and the school itself???
  7. John has sent registerd Resignation letters to Labor Affairs, the Shcool in Question and his new school.
  8. The school said no dice. We don’t have a contract. So I don’t need to cancel your ARC.

Any advice…
WHat does he need to do?
WHat if he doesn’t get the letter?
Can he be blacklisted?