"Cancelled" Visa?!?!?!?!?!?

Soooooooooo. 10 days ago I went to WaiJiaoBu and took my pretty little passport, my financial statement, all the papers from my school, two photos that make me look fat, a letter or study, and a whole bunch of stuff I didn’t actually need (proof of address, health check, some pocket lint). I then proceeded to give them 4400 NT for my resident visa as they are some greedy mofos. They said “Come back in Ten days, La”
So ten days go by and today I came back. And they give me my passport and it has over my current expendable, multi entry, visitors visa (which has my school’s name as the remark) a big blue stamp (I guess since red is a good thing here, they use blue?) that says “CANCELLED Without Prejudice”. I am pretty sure that was the name of a George Michael Album, but none the less it is not a pretty thing to see on your visa. Especially when they are not giving you a resident visa.
Because my multiple entry visa is CANCELLED without prejudice I can only stay until the date on my last extension. Then I must leave.
I can, of course, come back. Which I will do with much less money than I had before. And a new, equally overpriced visa.

Has anyone else ever had this problem?
Every time I asked them why, they pointed to a thing on the ARC application form that says they don’t have to tell me why. Every time I asked them a question they just said “We don’t have to tell you, LA”

They are “mofas”, not “mofos”… :smiley:

I believe that the visitor visa is ALWAYS stamped cancelled when you get a resident visa/ARC combination. I don’t think it’s anything new. It might be annoying that they refuse to take the time to tell you about this, but I suppose they are within their “rights” as they have laid out the rules. At least the stamp says clearly “without prejudice”, which means you should be able to obtain another one in the future without having to jump through any additional hoops.

They did not give me my resident visa…

What do you mean? Do you mean that they refused to give you a resident visa?
Edit: Oops. Premature posting! Honest, this has never happened to me before…

Oops, I missed that part. Too early here in the US. :smiley:

Aha…which language school? See the sticky topic in Learning Chinese about approved schools. Is yours not on the “lucky list”?

I am a ZhongHua University student.

You’re not a university student if you’re taking Chinese classes – I mean, you’re not doing a degree, are you? Has your language center gotten itself onto the “good” list?

I am taking language classes at a University that is on the list.

[quote=“sandman”]What do you mean? Do you mean that they refused to give you a resident visa?
Edit: Oops. Premature posting! Honest, this has never happened to me before…[/quote]

When my ARC was cancelled permanently it had a large red C and the red letters [color=red]cancelled[/color] on the back.

Your’s is marked Without Predjudice so that means you can re-apply. I wonder if your spat with V&L may have something to do with this??

Perhaps your school body can assist you. But it looks like a visa run nonetheless. You may or may not be able to get another multiple entry.

I know that when I refused visa’s for Australia people weren’t told the reason. We just told them non bonefide. Means not a genuine application for the visa class they were applying for.

I really struggle to understand what extra meaning “without prejudice” adds to that. It is a technical legal term used in preliminary correspondence between litigants and means “I will say all this shit without prejudice to any legal proceedings I initiate in the future” meaning generally that it is not admissable in court.

Without prejudice to what? A future application? If they are likely to grant any future application they’d hardly have cancelled the first visa. Why did they cancel your visitor visa? So now you have no visa? I really don’t understand this, and I am sure neither do the MoFAs who did this, but it is clear they don’t like you and want to make your life difficult.

However, as you have shown an intention to RESIDE in Taiwan, you may no longer qualify as a multiple-trip VISITOR. So what they have done here seems to me to be kicking you out without kicking you out. It is done in the UK. Visitor applies for extended leave to remain, thus he is not a visitor. Then we refuse his extended leave request because we don’t like the cut of his jib, but he can’t of course now go back to saying he intends only to be a visitor as he’s just told us he wants to stay for a long time. So he’s fucked. Bye bye problem. If he can convince the chaps at the Embassy in Paris, or wherever you end up to let him back in then fair enough. But you’re out of my paperwork queue.

Which is why I think this “without prejudice” thing is meaningless. It most certainly has prejudiced your immigration status. You have to leave for no other reason that MoFA-Fucker wants you to. Which cannot be a good thing.

If you are actually studying Chinese I recommend you go to China. They don’t fuck about like this. Get a one-year multiple entry visa in Honkers and do what you like in China. If you intend to stay in Taiwan then you really do need to get an explanation from MoFA of what the fuck they are doing because I’ve never heard of this.

I can’t help you with the visa thing, SAF. But I do want to commend you on your spirit, honesty and the ability to see humor in the shittiest of circumstances. It’s inspirational.

Good luck with everything!

Likewise can’t offer any advice on this except to say I;ve never heard of such a shitty situation. It’s all the more galling asince you are enrolled in Chinese language study.

I find it incredibly disturbing.

Truly a weird situation. What does the university say about this? Maybe seek their guidance.

I guess the person at the counter got the wrong stamp because she couldn’t read English. It is so that your visitor visa is canceled as soon as you get the resident visa … but why they didn’t issue you the resident visa is weird …

It is very odd. Usually if they can’t issue you a resident visa they just hand you all the paper back and say “Nope”. To go and cancel you multiple-entry is a bit mean.

I’d definitely go to the university and see if they can possibly bring anything to bear on this. Someone there may have gone to primary school with someone working on the visa desk (I’m not kidding, this is how things like this get “fixed”).