Cancelling a buxiban contract before it starts

I made a bit of a mistake a couple of months ago, seeking work I signed a year long contract in a freelance position in a buxiban. I have since decided its not for me (I subbed a class, I hated the vibe of the school and have since had opportunities related to my studies here that are more important than the buxiban, they’ve also been pretty shitty about my appearance).
So I’m wondering can I break the contract? There is a clause in it that states I will be fined $20000 if I do so. However, the contract starts in a month and I have not given them any paper work, work permit, police check etc (my work permit has actually expired). Can I dodge this without the fine? How do I tactfully communicate this to them? They also had me subbing without the important paperwork either… so maybe I can use this as leverage?

Dead relative.

The fine is pretty much meaningless. Don’t worry about the fine.


One anonymous tip, and both parties are in trouble. :no_no: :doh:

There are numerous threads about breaking contracts, including at least one that resembles this situation. Tldr: they’re not going to take any legal action unless they feel like cutting off their nose to spite their face.


If the contract hasn’t started yet and there’s no clause in the contract relating to resignation before the start date then are you legally responsible?

My understanding of Taiwan is the rule of law is lacking.

This means, lie to them by saying that a family relation died and you need to go home to take care of family. The boss can save face this way.


Oh, if I had a dime for every time I saw a ‘broken buxiban contract’ thread start with this line, I’d… well… have a lot of dimes.


Contracts in taiwan are not so important. People play, or prey, on emotions. They might try to extort you, just record it and forget it. Mention some things they did if they get nasty.

Court isnt fair, but they care little about little cases like this, so maybe corruption isnt as big a ckncern for a shit ruling rather than.judge is busy with real matters and wants this case out of his face. Either way, you arent on high ground. Play the people, not the system. They will piss off as soon as they have another foreigner to use as a monkey.

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Short answer: yes.

If you mean it’s not quite up to first world standards, then no argument from me. :tumble:

Followed by “I signed something I regret signing”

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They won’t ask you to pay the fine

From a school owner’s perspective: They won’t probably fine you / sue you. It’s not worth the hassle. But it is shitty, because they now have to scramble to find a new teacher. If they paid an agent to find you, they are in the hole. Be nice about it, and quit ASAP, so they can have time to find a new teacher.

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Yes, this is the way to handle it. White lies are necessary in this culture. Try to look sad. The more you act up, the more the lie will be appreciated.

Lol to be honest I would never lie about a relative being dead, that’s not something to do IMO.

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Stay here long enough and you will…

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This excuse/reason won’t hurt anyone!


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Some think it will. My wife believes in some Taoist superstition that if you lie about something serious like that, it will come true. I obviously don’t share that belief.

Goodness me, some of you are a bit slow. You pick a relative that has ALREADY passed away. Then you are just re-arranging the truth about the past and not predicting the future.


Just claim any relative - living, dead, or not even real has died. The details of the lie are irrelevant.

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But that would be lying, lol. The best lies are based on the truth because they are more plausible and easier to live with. But that’s just my take on it. You lie any way you like.