Cannabis in Taiwan

[quote=“Buttercup”]Hehehe, expat life on the edge! God, expats are funny as hell.

Why does no-one ever write comedies about them?[/quote]

Mind Your Language?

Wine duz none one everright comdom dees bum dem?

This post is really funny. Why? Because it is sheer nonsense. I am not attacking the messenger here, just the message that is written.

With just a little research (asking people you know who DO smoke weed/hash), it is quickly evident that there is plenty of good weed here and hash. The prices are slighty higher, yes of course. This is not Vancouver or L.A. But if you know the right people. there is a surprising amount of very high quality herb here on this island.

As far as the risk involved? As long as you don’t flaunt it or sell it, you’re fine. :notworthy:

Not exactly what I had in mind. Hehe.

I’m a wonder,
I’m a wonder,
I wonder,
and round,
and round, and

I wander, “Did I get that right?”

I wouldn’t agree with that, as soon as you got tested positive you would be turfed out and be very lucky not to serve detention first. There are loads of people serving time in Taiwan for drug relatively minor drug offenses. They really don’t like foreigners getting involved in this stuff here. Hardly fine.

Tested positive?
That’s only accurate through hair analysis, which they don’t perform in regular employ-related health checks. The powers that be are more interested in the sloppy big fish, the greedy venture captitalists. Unless, there’s a Taiwanese celebrity busted, then of course it’s open season for two weeks in the media. Otherwise, I would posit that the authorities are more concerned with the vast increase in the annual importage of amphetmine, ketamine, esctasy, etc, than marihuana and hashish, which have most likley dropped off since the invasion of Afghanistan.
Except for those damn Canadians, who think they’re still at home. Giving us book-shippers a bad name!

Actual conversation I (J) had with a Taiwanese person (T) near where I live on Saturday evening:

T: Do you want some drugs?
J: What?
T: Do you want some drugs?
J: No…thank you.
T: OK. God bless you.

When they go into night clubs, concerts, parties and raves and bust your ass…that’s when! They’ll line you up and bring you down to the station and test you for everything and anything.

In many western nations there has to be some sort fo reasoanble suspicion in order to require a peson to take a sobreity test (drunk driving indicators or smell of cannabis). Is there no such policy in Taiwan? Is it a police state?

I admire the sentiment, but yeah, good luck with that.

A close friend in Chiangmai showed off his recently purchased stash of weed that he purchased online in Thailand. I wasn’t following the cannabis market there so I wasn’t aware things had changed so much.


It’s 14 years later. How’s that novel coming along, George R.R. Martin?

Oh go on then

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