To me, Canada`s policy is not relaxed enough. I am to the left/libertarian right of you on this one, Toe. :sunglasses::joy::clap: although I do not smoke it (not in decades).

The law is way too strict in some areas. For those of us that have oceanfront property and family boats? Can not smoke on boats (even if you are a passenger)? That is fucked.

Not visible for home grow? Well, in warm areas of BC, that is fucked!

You share it with a 17 year old? 14 years in jail!

In other words, it is fluffy Trudeau PR, but be careful if you go outside the relaxed norms. Still is the War on Drugs!!!

Possession over the limit tickets for small amounts

  • up to 5 years in jail|
    Illegal distribution or sale* tickets for small amounts
  • up to 14 years in jail|
    Producing cannabis beyond personal cultivation limits or with combustible solvents* tickets for small amounts
  • up to 14 years in jail|
    Taking cannabis across Canada’s borders* up to 14 years in jail|
    Giving or selling cannabis to a person under 18* up to 14 years in jail|
    Using a youth to commit a cannabis-related offence
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Seems reasonable to me. Travellers can light up in smoking lounges at YVR airport and carry up to 30gms on domestic flights.

I also think the legal age should be 25.

Obey the rules and you’ll be fine.

One could also say that when you walk through CKS/Taoyuan International in Taiwan.

The problem with Canada`s legalisation legislation is that it still puts a hell of a lot of power in the enforcement/judicial branch. It still creates big government rather than individual liberty. You still can not do a whole lot of stuff. That is fine as you say (just obey the rules) but should such liberalisations be celebrated in the press as they have been celebrated? IMHO, a gleeful overreaction by dumb journalists (such an imprecise profession) and people that do not read the text (most of the masses do not LOL).

I would take William Weld blue-blooded evidence-based states-rights libertarianism over Trudeau`s PR fluff any day of the week.

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Who cares what the press says. Alcohol has strict rules in Canada as well. I got a 50 buck fine at Lake Louise during a World Cup for having a beer by the finish line way back when. But Canucks still manage to live within the rules.

This is still a major step forward, regardless of your chronic bitching about Canada.

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TFW transport Canada count stand up paddle boards as ‘boats’ and you can’t smoke a joint and go paddle boarding. :joy:

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Which is why I am happy Trump (by renegotiating NAFTA) has highlighted and removed some highly protectionist actions by Canada that favour our very-average wines (I am a Bordeaux-loving ultra snob here–our wines in Canada, with the exception of ice wine, are piss).

Canadian liquor policy is protectionist and often based on a combination of 1930s legislation and outdated nanny-state paternalism. You criticize China/Taiwan drug policy based on Opium War history, but have no problems with nanny-state Social Credit religious-alcohol paternalism from the 1930s that our alcohol distribution boards still cling to (a Marxist entity if there ever was one). It basically says alcohol is bad, the masses can not be trusted, and we must legislate/tax/limit offerings to protect. How very Soviet! Even in socialist countries such as France, there are 5 grocery store aisles of hard and soft liquor, wines, etc.

Alcohol has strict rules in Canada. So why complain about Taiwan having strict drug rules? You are either for strict rules or liberalisation. I am for the latter although I sometimes laugh at people breaking the rules in Asia based on their lack of historical knowledge. You are complaining about Taiwan regulations while defending similarly ridiculous Canadian ones. To me that is Stomping Tom Connors love-it-or-leave-it Canadian nationalism. Not something I agree with.


We have a boat in a marina in Canada directly outside of a family-owned ocean-front apartment. The local waterfront serves as a commercial centre, an airport to sea planes (that often awake us in the morning), and boaters of all kinds. You do not want these people stoned. Even the paddle boarders and canoe folks are in these busy pathways on the water. I get it. I get the law stating that operators of boats/paddle boards, whatever etc. be drug and alcohol free, but the pot laws for passengers? That kills parties right there. :joy::joy:

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Talking about yourself?:wink::thinking:

This one?


Nope. Lots of people have those types of boats though—nothing wrong with that. But paying monthly fees for crap boats is a waste IMHO. Unless you got a relatively nice one, don`t pay the fees for nice moorage in a central marina, especially if it is tiny. While they charge per foot (so smaller is cheaper) it makes no sense if a few months moorage is worth more than your boat!!!

Is that a pic of the Belgian navy?:joy::wink: Where is the chip stand and the signs in Walloon and Flemish? (along with a bunch of people doing fuck all!!!):smile:


Isn’t he too young for that to happen 10 years ago?


I mean if @Toe_Save is referring to the same person as I am thinking about

He was referring to his own biography.:sunglasses:

No I’m not. And this person is much younger than I.

" living here as a very successful entrepreneur and artist" , sorry! Mistook you for successful. To be honest I don’t know anyone that’s a successful entrepreneur and an artist.

guess the TV talk show reality guys are killing it here

Guess all you want. I ain’t naming names.

My point is, you can serve your rehab time and still stay in ocuntry.


Well, if you don’t know him, then he must not exist.

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