Cannot Pay Taxes Until October. Will That Be A Problem?

I recently had to return to my home country unexpectedly to deal with some very important things that came up and I cannot return to Taiwan until October. I do have the tax slip that my employer gave me and I fully intend to pay taxes since I want to renew my ARC when I get back.
Will there be a problem if I just show up in October, 5 months after the deadline, and pay my taxes?
I did pay my taxes last year in May and everything was fine, and I intended to do the same this year, but, as I said, I suddenly had to go back home, and now I find out I have to stay until October.
Thanks in advance for any info. Cheers.

One possibility is to appoint someone to act as your agent in filing the taxes on time.

I think that you can just file them when you come back.
They can see on the computor at the tax office that you’ve been out of the country for all that time. Just make sure you go in within a week or so of being back. Explain that you had an emergency. The tax office are actually pretty nice, and if you’re going in to file and pay your taxes I can’t imagine that they’ll give you any grief- you’re about to pay up.
You could maybe ask your employer (they’ll have all the details for you) or a good friend to call up the tax office and explain the situation and ask them to make a quick not on the computor- but generally I think you’ll be fine.