Canon 20D or new 350D

Ok, not sure if this is the right section but here goes…

I need a new digicamera and was contemplating 14k on a point n shoot. But I figured why not go the extra cost and get something I can use all my lenses with.

So, its either a 2nd hand 20D or a 350D new.

Thoughts appreciated.

The image quality of the 350D is almost identical to those of the 20D. If you were to compare the two based on this you will be hard press to see any significant difference. For the extra cost of the 20D you are paying for better build quality and a few extra functions and capabilities. I would buy the 350D and spend the savings on a quality lens or other accessories, since bodies will become out of date and fail sooner or later, but lenses are keepers.




Be careful, some older or non-Canon brand lenses may not work with your new camera. I have a 350D, and part of my reason for buying it was because I already had a few lenses. Well my Sigma 75-300 and Sigma 18-30 both don’t work properly with the 350D. I get an “error99” message most of the time. Once in a while they work. It was pretty infuriating.

Anyways now that I bought a nice lens for the 350D, I am very happy with it, and I would definitely recommend it.

There are other forums that have photography experts. But you could buy it for a decent price in Taipei. The 350D rocks, especially if you upgrade the lens. You probably know that because it has a digital size image sensor (smaller), if you use lenses for 35mm film, you have to multiply by 1.6 (?). Consider the $70 Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 II prime lens which performs as an 80mm lens on the 350D. The non-stock 28-105mm ultrasonic focus zoom lens also rocks. The stock zoom lens is not so hot.

I use the 10-22, 24-105 and 200 prime on my 20D and have been very happy with the results.

poagaos pix on the 20d are pretty stunning.

If there isn’t too much of a price difference and if you can find one in decent condition, I’d go for the 20D – you’ll be getting a much more professional camera. Yep, the image quality between the two are pretty much the same… but the difference is that you’re likely to get better shots more often with the 20D (imho). It’s sorta like comparing two rifles… they might shoot as well as each other – given that conditions are constant – but when conditions are contantly changing, you’ll likely notice the difference between “professional” and “prosumer.” I hope that makes sense.

Dont’ get me wrong tho, the 350D can definitely hold its own… but when compared to the 20D, the “small” differences can amount to be a lot – depending on what your needs are. It might be worth the extra time shopping around for a decent 2nd hand 20D if speed, handling, and [better] focusing are important for you. I’m pretty happy with my 350D and I have no regrets about going with it. When it came down to making a decision between the two (at brand new prices)… the differences at the time weren’t enough to go for the 20D. Honestly tho, I wasn’t really thinking far enough down the line cuz I shoot a lot more now than I thought I would then heh. So yeah, sometimes I do wish that I went with the 20D – for the handling, better focusing performance, and the two extra focus points… two doesn’t sound like a whole lot but I’m sure it will come in handy when there isnt much to focus on (like at night or when really dark). Again tho hehe, I’m pretty happy with the 350D… just have to work a bit harder with it is all. Anyhow, hope that helps.

To add to what others have said.

The 350D is relatively small, dimension-wise. If you have big hands, you might find it annoying to use due to it’s size (or lack of).

I have a 20D, with 17-40mm f4L, 70-200f4L and 50mm, and that’s a great kit for me.

Yes it is… and so are the menu buttons. :fume:

Although nothing can be done about the buttons, a good fix for the body size issue would be to get the
optional battery grip – it helps a lot. Then again, if your gonna spend that extra, you might as well get a 2nd hand 20D. :wink:

I am thinking of upgrading my setup from the 20D I currently use, so PM me if you would consider a 20D in “as new” condition. Also have the external battery/grip and external flash. Very nice prosumer setup, as has been mentioned.