Canon in D on the guitar

Bloody hell! The things some boys get up to in their bedrooms!

Is this safe for work? :astonished:

Absolutely. It’s just a young Japanese guy playing his guitar in his bedroom. As the title says, Canon in D. Even this jaded old hack thought it was pretty damn good.

Bloody hell! Kudos to the guy for learning that. Must’ve taken ages.

I need more inspiration like that. Keep 'em coming, Sandman.

I haven’t really enjoyed the old Boodly Boodly stuff for a decade and a half or so, but that…jeez, that kid, in his bedroom…boy, it just brought a lump to my throat…

It gave me goosebumps (seriously).

I cant help but think it was pre-recorded though. Firstly, the audio is very clear and it doesnt sound like it was recoreded through the camera mic. Also, the mastering of the track itself. Was he playing to the backing of the Drums and Bass? It didnt sound live to me. There was no distortion, nor feedback, but more noticably the levels sit perfectly in the mix. the guitar was in no way too loud.

I suspect he dropped the audio over the video wih software. If he recorded and played it originally though, hats off to him.

Sounds to me like he did a bunch of tracks and videoed himself laying the top track over the top. You can hear a good number of hiccups and mistakes. Probably a good sound card and editing suite would be all you’d need.

Very well done - I like how he played Pachelbel’s Canon in D major a fair bit. Perhaps the good Johann himself would have been impressed.

Thanks Sandman - most excellent.

Not a Japanese guy… its actually Jerry C from Taiwan.