Hi, we’re looking for a replacement for our canopy that didn’t make it through the recent series of typhoons and finally caved in last night under the heavy rains. Anyone know where we can get something like this:

Already checked B&Q and saw one at an outdoor & camping shop around the corner, any other tips? See how happy these people are? That could be us!! Thanks, Xpet.

was the camping store called Captain Stag (nice name :wink: ) in Nei Hu? 'cause i saw something like that there…

… nice to see the reciprocity principle working … :wink: Thanks for the tip, the store I referred to was in Tianmu, where I live, and I checked it out again yesterday but their canopies are too small and flimsy, more something you’d haul half way up a mountain to put up “base camp” or so, not to put it up in your garden (almost) permanently. I’ll check out Cap’n Stag (isn’t that a US-chain?) if I get a chance to venture out into that area … Thanks, Xpet.

On a related topic: anyone know where to get sails (for surf-boards or small boats), preferrably second-hand? Thanks! Xpet.


Hi anything, thanks for the late follow-up! :wink:

Sounds good, we just bought a canopy 2nd hand, but it’s rather flimsy, plus it looks a bit tacky, will check out the RTMart one … ta!