Can't Connect To Many International News Websites

Did anyone experience that international news outage just 5 or 10 minutes ago? When visiting CNN, Bloomberg, SFGate, NYtimes, the response from my brower was that it couldn’t connect. Other non-news sites I tried worked just fine.
I am on FET, but I asked another friend who has a different cell phone provider and she was also having the same problem.
The situation was resolved but it is the first time in my life, I have seen connectivity go down like this on such a wide scale.


Thank you! Wow! I thought it was something wrong within Taiwan’s infrastructure.

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This is amazing (for me). Shopify and other e-commerce hosting uses fastly and basically all my competitors websites are down. I opted out to not use their hosting service and mine is working fine with lots of traffic coming :stuck_out_tongue:


Seems to be back up now

Some networking engineer please explain why this happens? Wasn’t the Internet designed for resilience? If the CDN has failed, why aren’t the requests being routed to the original service provider’s servers? Isn’t a CDN replicating data closer to the edge?

The CDN failed.

If they relayed back to the original servers they would crash.

The original server would not be able to serve all the requests, and return a 503 as above. 503 is typically a server getting hammered.

Will be interesting to see the post mortem on this one in the next few days.

But it would still serve some requests right? So I’m curious if that happened. If not, the CDNs are a single point of failure.

Yeah it should, up to whatever capacity it has. There’s going to be a load balancer in front of it, so it shouldn’t crash.

The internet is basically held together with duct tape. Cobbled together mess of ancient protocols and bad ways of doing things.