Can't delete unused keyboards on Windows 10

I’ve always had three language keyboards to toggle between on my PC: English (US), Chinese, and Japanese. Today, though, I suddenly have four more keyboards (English UK, English Zimbabwe, QAA, QAB)

I have no idea why because I haven’t made any changes that I’m aware of.

I don’t want to have to scroll through all of these keyboards when switching languages. I looked up how to delete keyboards for Windows 10, which is done in Settings > Time & Language

When I look at the English keyboards, where I supposedly can delete the 4 that I don’t want, I only see one listed, the English-US keyboard that I want to keep…

I have no idea how to delete those other 4. Help!

By the way, I checked the keyboards for Chinese and Japanese, just in case, but each language shows only one keyboard, the correct one…

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I have a feeling that there’s another Keyboard layout menu, independent of language.

Try searching in Control Panel, usually it’s one of the older style config menus, where you van delete keyboard layouts (as some languages like French have multiple valid layouts)

I’m sorry, no help. feel your pain

I just find it funny they describe the style of Mandarin in a way that in english would read:

[English] A B C D