Cant Find Scooter Engine Oil Port

Shameful but true. Yamaha MAX 125

There is a port right next to the lower rear suspension mounting, but no dipstick in it, and I think its probably for final drive gear oil.

Left side

Right side

Any hints?

Is it an electric scooter?



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Think the XMAX is probably a later version of the MAX. Thats gear oil, though, which I found OK.

I’ll have a search for XMAX engine oil change

is this the model ?

Link for manual if it is

Thanks. Don’t think that’s the same. There’s no circular oil filter housing and I’d guess it has a “conventional” wire basket strainer rather than an actual filter.

I’ll have another look in daylight tomorrow.

I know it goes against your principles of doing it yourself, but you could take it to a scooter shop and get then to change it this time.

Watch them like a hawk and take notes so you know where everything is for next time.

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The filler cap/dipstick should be forward of this point. It may be necessary to remove the right side cowling, or it may be accessible via an inspection hatch under the seat area.

MIGHT do that, but reluctant, partly because its not my machine.

I’m assuming its not a two stroke - Under the seat perhaps? or wherever the fuel filler is?

Seriously? If that’s true, that’d be some seriously shite design.

I suppose you could argue that it would just recognise the reality of consumer maintenance practice (especially in Taiwan) but that’d be a bit of a self fulfilling prophecy.

Ah, sabotage? :rofl:

Covert maintenance. I kept the GF’'s last scooter topped up for years when she wasn’t looking, but she managed to kill it eventually.

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Turn the bike on its head, balancing on the seat and the handlebars. remove the oil drain plug. fill to the top, reinsert drain plug, and turn right way up.



OK. Forget I asked.


I hereby declare the Cars and Motorcycles Forum Finally Fatally Fucked.

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maybe if you tell us the model and year, we could actually help? XMAX? T MAX? 125r? 250? 300? etc.

Set up a gofundme for a replacement scooter. Will save our time by shortening this thread :wink:

How about spending something around 300ntd, go to your friendly neighborhood scooter shop, have them change the oil and watch closely how and where they do it?

Change the Oil is ( Huàn jīyóu ) 換機油 in Chinese

Also , Is the Oil light on ?
If the Oil light is on , then you have to change the Oil as soon as possible

the oil pressure light will come on with the ignition and soon go out when the engine has started. If the light illuminates whilst riding, it signifies low oil pressure.

In addition , you are going to need some special tools to change the oil ,
so is just more convenient to go to a scooter shop

more sources

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