Can't set Ignore Timer

I’m trying to set a user on Ignore, but for any time period I try to choose I get a “Please select a time frame” error, and the user name doesn’t appear on my Ignore list.

Hmm, I just successfully ignored you. I think that brings this matter to a close :slight_smile: What browser are you using?

You’re not going to know now, are you?

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Chrome. Just tried again. Any option I choose doesn’t work. Weird.

Version up to date?


Works for me in Chrome/Linux. What platform you using?

I ignore people all the time, and no software is required. Maybe just try doing it the old-fashioned way?

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This person’s name doesn’t show up when I do a search here…

But they have posts up until a day ago. I’ve checked the spelling like 20 times. I’ll send you a PM with the name.

Does it work with other users?

No problem with other users. I sent a PM to TG, and now I think I know the situation, so it’s all good.

Odd, I can’t replicate this. Anyone else having a similar issue?

Here’s working fine, unless it’s a bug when blocking that specific user.