Cantonese Supermarkets?

I am having difficulty sourcing some products I use for cooking cantonese food. I have noticed that the supermarkets here are quite limited on the stock. I am used to shopping in China and Hong Kong therefore it would be of great help if anyone on this forum knew of any supermarkets which has a large selection of the Lee Kum Kee Brand. I am also finding it really difficult to find Dark Soya Sauce and also Black Beans (not the dry ones) but preserved ones you use to make black bean sauce.

any advice on places to shop or great markets with large selections of food would be greatly appreciated thanks :slight_smile:

You might try the Nanmen Market on the corner of Nanhai and Roosevelt (CKS Memorial Hall Station). In particular there are a couple of stalls on the first floor right next to the entrance closest to Nanhai specializing in mainland products.

If you remove the middle name of Kum,that would leave you with Lee Kee . Such a great name for the Shipbuilding Company Boatyard in the Pink Panther Film. :discodance:

Thank you I will try that out