Canucks vs Dallas, game one, on now

Woo-hoo: Live radio.

Third period, half way through, and the score is…

[color=white]4-3 Vancouver![/color] [/quote]

Screw the radio.
I’m watching it live now.
Check out the NHL thread.

Yeah, yeah… you got a link that works on a Mac?

A what?

A MAC! A Macintosh… come on… they’re going into overtime!

They sure are.
Watching it on good ol’ CBC.
So none of the PTP TV links work on your erm… Mac?

Heading into the 2nd OT now.
It’s getting interesting, the Nucks have already lost 2 forwards.

Nah, all those damn links are Windows-only. :fume:

This may not help you, but it’s something.
P2P TV now for Mac!

Going into the 3rd OT now.
Jeebus, those guys must be tired.
The game has really slowed down now.

doh! need an invite.
thanks though

Holy crap!
Going to the FOURTH OT now!

Belgian Pie had some Joost invites earlier.
You could ask him.
Maybe the people he gave the invites to have invites now?

C’mon! Somebody score already! Ah…forget it…I’m going to bed.

This is exhausting.
It’s officially one of the top 10 longest games ever.
And it keeps going on…

70+ shots.
Jeez… even CIHL shoot outs don’t go on this long.

18:06 of the fourth overtime.
Off the post.

Yee ha!
It’s finally over!
Now I can go eat.
I’m frickin’ starving.

Here we go again.
Game 3 heading into overtime.

much quicker this time - PYATT!

Well here we are in game 7.
The next few minutes should be an interesting race to the finish.