Canvas photo print @ Costco

Has anyone had a canvas photo print done at costco? I just noticed it the other day, and there were three sizes. I only had time to make a mental note of the largest size, which was $2000 nt, but i dont remember the measurements, i think it might have been 60x90 cm. i want to put some art on my dining room wall, but cannot find something big enough to put there that wont break the bank, so seeing costco had canvas photo print gave me a great idea that i could use a photo i already have.

How is the quality of canvas prints, costco or otherwise? If u have done a canvas photo print, do u recommend something that big, around 2 feet by 3 feet? What size should my digital photo be in order for the transfer to look good? How about breaking up the print into 4 smaller canvas prints, would the image quality be better? Please educate.