CANZUK - Commonwealth People got opinions?

Just curious now that the UK is free to make its own trade deals if you think this is a good option moving forward. Basically would mean free trade and free movement between UK, Canada, Australia and NZ. It’s similar to the existing agreement between Australia and NZ. There are loads of positive videos about it online and it has huge super majority popularity in all countries. Just curious what negatives people can see or suspect.

Country might end up (more) full of Brits?


I think UK citizens will have big numbers in other countries regardless.

Haven’t we had this discussion before? (I might be confusing it with another site I’m on).
Anyway, it’s a stupid idea that only exists in the mind of some elderly Brits and their wacko-Tory followers nostalgic for the heyday of the Empiah.

Not sure…it could be that Brexit has propelled this to sooner rather than later. I’m just always skeptical if something seems too good to be true. I haven’t heard enough criticism, so trying to get a bit more info.

I wish it would become a thing. With Brexit, I can’t go to the UK and set up shop, visa free anymore, therefore reducing my choice and forcing me to get a visa like a peasant normal person.

CANZUK would reopen that choice as well as Australia and New Zealand. Australia has strict visa policies for working there and I like having borderless options for work and play. I support CANZUK.


Yah, I find it interesting. But still haven’t made up my mind. If it gets adopted, will likely affect the next generation more than anything.

Disregarding your opinion about the people who support it, why do you think the idea itself is stupid?

Not necessarily. Having rights in multiple countries is a HUGE help towards doing business and also helps your standing in outside countries as well.

Smaller companies in Taiwan would definitely value a person like me that is simply able to legally drop in and start negotiations in 30+ countries instead of having 30+ people on the payroll. I get more and companies save more.

Brexit’s now inevitable, so I don’t see any other choice. It’s weird that supporters of globalisation are opposed to it, while opponents to globalisation support it.

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My understanding was it was only 4 countries. So, perhaps I missed something. But yes, could see that as an advantage…any number of economically powerful countries you can travel in, do business, etc…would be advantageous. I’m also curious how this is going to impact taxes, what restrictions on sovereignty, etc. But I suppose a lot of those details aren’t sorted yet, so not many online are arguing against it. I think it is above 70% approval in the UK when polled.

Yah, I find it weird that the UK is so keen to jump into this so quickly after Brexit. The people online are basically claiming that it won’t be like the EU. I know the deal between Australia and NZ for instance restricts people with criminal histories from traveling between these nations. So, maybe it would be like something a little less integrated than the EU.

Because the UK has to trade with other countries? Why do you find that weird?

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I’m also Italian

Brexit was about independence and that the UK public having just left the EU would be a bit hesitant from jumping into something quickly again, but maybe it won’t be so quick. Just was surprised is what I mean.

Oh…gotcha. :slight_smile:

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Well at least we would all speak the same language and all play cricket :smiley:


Haha…indeed. :slight_smile:

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I’d also go as far as suggesting an expansion of CANZUK to all Commonwealth Realms and make my commonwealth citizenship more useful than just simply being able to vote in UK elections and using Australian embassies and high commissions.