Caoling Historical Trail

Has anyone walked the Caoling Historical Trail (

I went there a year or two ago. We got off at Fulong station and walked back up the road in the Keelung direction til’ we got to the gas station, where we turned left and walked up the smaller road towards Shuili for about a kilometer. Then you turn left again up an even smaller road to the trailhead. There’s a fair bit of uphill, mostly on stone steps, but nothing too serious – plenty of tai-tais in high heels who didn’t seem to be struggling. You come out at a big temple at the other end which is very near the train station. Quite a pleasant walk, but it gets pretty crowded at the weekend.

I did it a few years ago. I think it would be easier to find the way if you started at Gongliao, but I suppose it is not difficult to ask someone if you’re not sure. I think about 4 hours should be enough time and there is quite a bit of uphill walking.

I posted a few brief details on my web site at

Thanks for the tips.
I found this Chinese page. … ath69.html
The map about halfway down seems to suggest that getting off at Fulong as sandman did leaves you slightly closer to the trailhead than if you got off at Gongliao. The page claims a 50-minute walk from Fulong to the start of the trail.

It will be much fun if you go there during the bad weather,expecially during the raining day, no body was there, so you would be experienced of strong wind when you arrive