Cap and tights required at all beaches?

Today I went to my indoor nearby pool to ask if a swim cap was required.

They said yes and informed me that tights/spandex was required for the bathing suit.

Is this also required at all beaches?

I plan to take a day trip to a beach that is neat Taoyuan/Taipei soon…

Any suggestions?

I’ll probably go alone and take public transport.



No, it’s to keep hair and poo out of the water and filters. In the ocean it doesn’t matter.


This is optional but highly recommended. In some beaches it can be mandatory:


Many beaches that aren’t overcrowded don’t care, there isn’t anyone to care.

There won’t be a lifeguard and so if something happens it’s on you.

They’re often not legally open but some people surf there.

The only thing not allowed at beaches is swimming.


I’m just trying to imagine in what scenario a local government would make this a rule…


I believe the Taiwan government would need to call upon some sort of higher power to enforce this rule across all of the nation’s beaches.

Not saying its not possible, just maybe a little unlikely.

Maybe add in a compulsory mask wearing while swimming rule…

They clearly didn’t account for me then. If the rule is about hair then the policy fails when I get in the pool.

And if it is about poo then the policy fails when I get in the pool.


I almost replied, but I don’t want to know.

Think about what a stereotypically mediterranean person looks like. :wink:

Oh, ok. Me too. But I really didn’t want to know.

Too late. :rofl:

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And when you pee in the pool the water turns red, pink or blue. Depending on what substance, substance, substance, you are.

This is so true. I remember being chased off regularly in Sizihwan everytime that I tried to get into water, unless when the warden was asleep :shushing_face: And it’s supposed to be Kaohsiung’s “signature” beach. There was another one besides called “Secret Beach”, just inside of NSYSU campus, but it was cordoned off in 2014 after a drowning incident to the point that the city government put cameras everywhere and the police would come and question people for just walking around the fence.


Many places in Taiwan have rip currents, undercurrents or strong currents, and many people can’t really swim.


They roped off a smaller area in Taitung’s Flowing Water Lake, leaving the larger area for kayaks and rowing boats, but you don’t need a cap or a tight bathing suit. The beaches are totally open.
The rule about spandex in pools is so they don’t allow street shorts in.

Yeah so make sure the beach you’re going to is open for swimming
And I gotta say
It’s so dumb that I have to wear a cap with my bikini in the pool = =
What an attire…
So so so dumb………

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