Cap Marvel, Endgame & the Marvel Cinematic Universe 2019


Ooooooooohhhhh booooooy

Cannot wait. Ugh.


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I don’t know. Each year I get less excited for the MCU. The movies are always good I guess, but once you’ve seen the same formula play out more than a dozen times on the big screen it starts to get stale. I did think Black Panther kicked ass though. Infinity War and the other recent ones didn’t do much for me though. I’ll probably skip this one or catch it on Netflix.



Up to you, but if you look at the writers alone for this… One of them wrote the first GOTG, the other wrote the incredible (even by Pixar standards) Inside Out. Sure it’s a Marvel movie but honestly we’d be kidding ourselves if this doesn’t feel like something special.

Also… Isn’t this one the last one released right before Infinity War: Part 2? If you wait you won’t get to see the mid-credit and post-credit tags before the Avengers resolution.



I will say this… the worst MCU movie is still miles better than the best DCEU film (excluding Wonder Woman).



Oh for sure, at this point Marvel’s perfected the formula for passable movies. I don’t think other than Thor 2 or Iron Man 2 has any other Marvel movie been straight up bland.

WW is the exception for everything. Although I think it now also suffers the same fate of all high expectations — (high risk of) not reaching them.




A nice trivia for ya.



Captain Marvel looks great, and I can’t wait for an Avengers trailer to drop. At this point, I guess it’ll be aired during the Superbowl.

Interestingly, one of the directors of Infinity War was recently asked about Chris Evans tweeting about being done with Captain America and he said, “I think it was more emotional for him than us. Only because he’s not done yet. I don’t want to explain what that means but the audience will soon understand what I’m talking about.”

Very little interest in most of what DC is doing. Shazam may be okay. I like Zachary Levi. I will go see Aquaman, but since they’re seemingly done with Superman and Batman, I’m not really invested in it.



People have just been whipped into a frenzy so no matter how mind blowing it is -and there is no way it is not gonna be- there will be those who will be dissapointed.

I trust these guys as so far they have mantained a very strict line, eyes on teh goal. Lots of crumbs to follow over 10 years of movies, that is no small feat. Actually, I am going to be sad when this chapter closes. Even though the movies are based -but not copies- of the comics, they are currently the most energetic original thing on the screen.

And in a tiem when they have resurrected so many mommies and zombies from tv, movies, books and beyond, that is so refreshing.



Superhero ‘caped crusader’ movies are seen as original?:grin:



Marvel´s take is. Compared say, to all the resurrections we have seen lately taht have failed so catastrophically. By comparison, I mean. The genre was dead and they revived it. Something like what GOT did to fantasy.

Now we need a new Star Trek to push sci fi into a better realm.



They all seem a bit childish to me, I gave up believing in superheroes when I was 12 :sunglasses:.

Ooh look special effects :grin:

Ready Player One was very good in the ‘sci fi’ genre I thought, it felt like something new to me.



Yawn. What’s new.

Fuck superhero movies.



A lot of them are formulaic, yes. But there’s nothing childish about Logan. I’d suggest checking that out before you paint too wide a brush. You may be surprised how much you like it.



Logan wasn’t bad. I liked Spiderman 1, kind of goofy angle is funny. I also enjoyed the Batman with Heath Ledger…

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More like all of them are formulaic.



But that’s just not true. Yes, many of them are. But Deadpool, Logan, The Dark Knight are all examples of comicbook movies that were different or unique.



I don’t understand superhero movies, either.

I mean, I grew up watching The Adventures of Superman, which I loved when I was an adolescent. By the time I was twelve or thirteen, and we had a brand-new color television set, I concluded the Batman TV series was the most idiotic thing I’d ever seen on television (although I watched it). I kinda liked the 1978 Superman movie when I was in my early 20s, but I had zero interest in the sequels. That was it, though.

I’ve never watched a single Batman movie, and the idea of watching a “universe” movie today is something I’d consider if the paint had dried thoroughly first in a freshly painted room. My wife likes them - and she loved Logan - but I have no interest in them at all.

I’ve tried, though. I sat through about twenty minutes of Logan once. I’ve seen Heath Ledger as Joker on television, but I couldn’t stick out the whole thing.

I’m not going to say they’re silly, or run down people (like my wife) who like them, but I just don’t get it, not at all.

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I mostly enjoy them. But the new aqua man movie…I’m not sure about



I thought you liked Force Awakens?

I also really dug Avatar (I know what I said!)



Hey Andrew, I was too slow to rsvp for an aquaman screening this friday. Can your sister hook me up? :joy: