Cap Marvel, Endgame & the Marvel Cinematic Universe 2019


The Reaper gangs from GOTG 2.


Oh, I didn’t even think about that.

I think that’s Thanos’. He’s hung it up and is living as a farmer.


Didn’t you say she works for wb? Can’t she just walk in :joy:

Word is, they’ve learned their lessons with the gloom and doom, and made an effort for it to be fun. Also, as I always say: If it’s free, it’s for me :wink:

Anyway I got an(other) invite, we’ll see what happens.


Idk, Does everyone get these privileges? I see her posting pictures at a bunch of movie screening but I always thought someone invited her.

Idk about the direction, it feels like they want to be like Marvel. Doom and gloom worked for Batman. I just think the writing is not very good.


Not everyone but many do. You can probably ask her – Sometimes I’m an invited guest and bring a plus one, sometimes I’m a plus one of an invited guest; it varies.


This is a big part of it, but it started when they tried to move The Dark Knight sensibilities to Man of Steel. It was a stupid idea and a deeply flawed take on Superman. But they stuck with it and kept going. Once Marvel’s cinematic visual became clear, they jumped in with both feed and had no game plan. Now it’s just a mess, and they have one good movie under their belt and nowhere to go.


Just took the kids to see Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse and recommend it wholeheartedly. It was great. I was a little dubious about whether the animation style could sustain a whole theatrical movie but it looks great and is really engaging. I mean it really works. The whole movie was hilarious but had a lot of heart.

There is a twist about 3/4 of the way through that doesn’t really work. If you know anything about Miles Morales, you figured that out about 20 minutes into the movie.

My eldest daughter wants a Spider-Gwen costume now so tracking that down should be fun.


Stark’s helmet looks like Kang the Conqueror’s. There was a rumor going around a few months ago to the effect that Stark would become Kang.


Poor guy. All the guilt of previous failures plus the great fail and then getting stuck in space, he who fixes everything cannot fix a spaceship.

I also wonder what kind of mess Earth is in. Half of all living things means plants and animals gone too.


Pretty sure by living things they meant sentient ones. You don’t see trees dusting in infinity war.




You’d probably have babies and young children starving because their parents disappeared and no one checked in on them. I hope that happens to Hawkeye’s family.

And what about puppies and kittens? Did half of them poof, and then half of the rest starve? Thanos is such a stinker.


well he didn’t have time to plan LITERALLY EVERYTHING…give him some slack!


Tree-like does not equal tree. Also he’s sentient.


Someone among the producers had explained the snap did include animals and I am pretty sure they mentioned plants. Feige or someone up in an interview/ Q&A.


Sentient trees…HA…what next, are you going to tell me raccoons can have feelings?


Not only that, but they can have a whole character arc.



This last one makes me sad.

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#59 ‘Avengers’ Fans Are Hounding NASA to Rescue Tony Stark From Space.

Oh and before you make fun of the fans, they have already spotted a couple of things that got me screaming AAAAAHHHHHHHHH! Really, out loud. The kicks in the feels, man.

Archive and helmet implications, wink wink.

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NASA replied! HILARIOUS: NASA assists Avengers in quest to rescue Tony Stark from space,
after Endgame trailer - Republic World.