Cap Marvel, Endgame & the Marvel Cinematic Universe 2019

Seriously China…

Huge plot hole:

I have watched Infinity War like 12 times, never noticed this.

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They’d be about 8 hours different, assuming Wakanda is in East Africa. The Avengers fight until close to sunset, when it is morning in New York. (Actually it has to be daylight in San Francisco as well, due to events at the end of Ant-Man and the Wasp.)

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Damon! Those MCU guys really wrap everything up.

I don’t think anyone expects logic in this kind of low-intelligence garbage.

Your level of engagement and attention for it seems curiously high given your repeated stated disinterest.


I trash it whenever the situation allows. That’s how much I hate it.:man_shrugging:

Wouldn’t Friends also for into this description?

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Female superm…I mean, captain marvel is my guess

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The Silver Surfer!

I wanna bet he got himslef lost because he was not headed for Earth but wnate dto fix this problem by himslef. Hence, he will find himself in deep space… the Ravagers will rescue him.

BTW, NASA is already fed up with teh joke and sent everyone to … teh dark side of Jupiter.

Second possible: Elon.

That’d be interesting. It’ll help link the Guardians into the story a bit too. Particularly because Nebula is with him.

It is confusing. Titan should technically be pretty far but they got there fast enough. Forget if they went through a wormhole or something like that; I just don’t recall. But he probably started in deep space and just doesn’t know how to get back any faster.

We’re all agreed, I assume: Tony will be on the verge of death, about to go unconscious, and suddenly get rescued. His vision will go blurry and he’ll black out. Then there’ll be a scene with him with a white blanket draped over him drinking hot chocolate.

The coolest and most in-character way: he manages to “rescue himself” building some insane Iron man suit using alien technology

The meh way: he gets rescued by random side characters that get forced into the main story

The Tumblr way; “captain marvel, you’re our only hope! go save man!”

Cant wait for Marvel to get rid of Capt America and Iron Man and let the real leader of Avengers Spiderman lead the pack :joy:

I am guessing that Thanos snap has to do with opening a new timeline or creating a multiverse. I really wish that Spiderman: into Spiderverse would be incorporated to MCU and we will have Miles Morales alongside with Peter Parker.

I mean, if he was headed for Eath, it would take a long time but not as long as to lose all the resources 'food, air, etc- the Benatar has, since it is prepared to carry at least 8 as crew. Plus he must be feeling very guilty, and when he does, he doe snot think straight.

So it stands to logic that he went to get Thanos himself. Nebula has the same goal and it is just as irrational, so…

However, some netizens have other theories. They think this scene belongs to the end of the movie and that Tony is lost/dead for good… or becomes that time traveling god like character.

Friends has its flaws, but it has some really smart, entertaining story arcs and a cast that have amazing chemistry amongst themselves.

Superhero movies are cringey pieces of shit with laughable, lazy writing and awful actors who are all plot devices at best (or good actors cast in poorly written roles for cash) that people enjoy because life is so miserable that they are all fantasising superheroes to rescue them.

I feel disturbed by the monopoly Disney has on major motion pictures.