Cap Marvel, Endgame & the Marvel Cinematic Universe 2019


But he’s on Thanos’ home planet already, right? Chances are they probably interact before heading off to Earth. Since Thanos has already accomplished his goal, he’d probably even aid them to some extent.

Yeah, it’s problematic, but I enjoy all the properties they hold. Just sit back and look forward to them losing Mickey in a few years.


The thing is that Thanos is most probably not on Titan. Some say he is even in another dimension, probably in the soul stone, etc. He has become a farmer and is apparently retired.

Also some time has passed as Tony´s wounds seems healed -at least the blows and scratches on his face.

Now Disney has XMen and teh Fantastic Four. But they say Galactus will not be on this next film as the deal has not been completed. They say…


Possible, but he was originally (comics) a farmer on Titan. Could be a different time or dimension though, for sure.

A fair amount of time’s definitely passed since the last movie. I heard something like 4 or 5 years?

Latest word was the Disney-Fox deal closes at the end of this month but they’ve kept moving the date. A multiverse may help them fold in X-Men characters without interrupting their current universe too much.


There is a mess with the leaks, the smoke screens the directors are throwing, and mad speculation by fans and experts.

The date for the next trailer has been set, allegedly.


I don’t mind smoke screens, keep us on our toes a bit.


The thing is that people say do not believe anything they say, which suits us all fine as no one whats to be the spoilsport. I already had GOT spoiled and it is no fun anymore.


The final season? I haven’t seen anything; purposely been avoiding it. Though I have theories.

The big reveal at the end of the previous season was already pretty clear from background given in the books (but hadn’t been spelled out like that). Still enjoyed it.

Reminds me of when Chris Evans said he was done with Captain America and they said he wasn’t really. It’s fairly clear what they’re doing there.


So considering that, surprised you’d let yourself get toyed with by those releases as such.

It’s odd of you to just let them win. Or perhaps it’s very appropriate; we’ve never met.


More on Captain Marvel.

A lot of new stuff. So much to process.

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BTW there is a comic to bridge the background gap before the Snap, with Fury and agent Canadian Teen Star, plus a fellow agent that has been popping up in 3 friggin movies and seems to be now very important.

I do not understand why yhey do not bring this movie in February, then it would be OK to wait 2 months for Avengers The Final Chapter. With a March opening for Captain Marvel , if it is good and well liked, it will collide in theaters with the Avengers 4 movie. That aint gonna be nice. It will cut on the box office of both, me thinks.


February would have made sense.

They do the comics before almost every movie. I have a couple of them but I don’t really like them usually. You can usually find the collected versions at Eslite (“Prelude”). It’ll be a prelude comic(s) and then a couple essential or classic issues mixed together.

The Endgame one may be worth checking out still.


So due to lack of a host, apparently the avengers might assemble at the oscars. For those interested, it may be good to tune in


What the fuck.


They should just do everybody a favor and cancel that puppy.

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Did you catch his passport? It’s got no year dates on it! (Either for his birth, or the issue date.)

PS. Also, in the comics his middle name is canonically “Benjamin” (after his uncle).


Very generous for a teaser. Should be a fun movie. I remember thinking that Homecoming would be just what we saw in the trailers but was surprised by how little of the story we actually knew. This is probably just a taste of the first half an hour.

Mysterio masquerading as a good guy?


I’m looking forward to the next Marvel movies, but I’m afraid I don’t see much point in analyzing - or even watching - the trailers. Remember the prominent trailer shot of all the Avengers charging forward in Infinity War, including the Hulk? A character who never appears again in the movie after the first ten minutes?

I dunno, maybe it’s just me, but ever since the total mismatch between Rogue One’s trailer and the movie itself, I’ve given up on close watching of preview material. I’m curious why they’ve become so misleading: is it deliberate? Or the movie-makers have billions of hours of footage and they haven’t bothered to write a story to edit it together yet? But either way, I feel like the blockbuster trailers don’t mean much.


They say they do not want to give too much information, yet keep audeinces motivated.


You’re right, it’s pointless. I just enjoy the hype machine. Actually, it’s way more fun when they throw you off. Though I don’t think they ever do it on purpose.

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