Cap Marvel, Endgame & the Marvel Cinematic Universe 2019

Unless you get an OCD filmmaker like Chris Nolan or David Fincher, there are trailer houses who generally handles these duties and cut trailers in coordination with the studio marketing department. The actual filmmakers are usually for the most part uninvolved.

Which may also be why the blockbuster trailers seem to have become so inconsistent with the movies that follow: do the moviemakers just hand over tons of footage knowing that some of it’s not in the movie? Do they make fake footage? Or do they just not know what the story is yet when they hand over material to whatever companies make the trailers?

In order: yes, sometimes, and rarely. (I’ve only ever heard of the third possibility in connection with Suicide Squad, where the company that made the trailer was then hired to replace the director.)

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One of the main offenders for me with this was Rogue One: the trailer had the (deliberately) fake scene of the tie fighter facing the protagonist near the end of the film, and “knowing” that was coming (and it wasn’t) made that part of the film less enjoyable for me. And not quite as serious with Infinity War, when I “knew” (oops!) the Hulk was coming back for the final battle. Sort of anti-spoilers, except that I don’t usually care about spoilers, and I did care about these.

I didn’t know that about Suicide Squad! It almost makes me want to watch the movie now. Almost.

None of which is a huge deal, but it has made me pretty much avoid watching trailers now, for fear of thinking something is going to be in the movie and then being thrown off when it isn’t. Which is weird.

EDIT: Weren’t there tons of reshoots with Solo, to the extent that the main villain changed? Early trailers for that must have had little to do with the final story.

Well, a lot to unpack, but it’s not even “handing over” per se. The studio owns the footage, so they can use it as they please. The only rare times “fake” footage is actually shot that I’ve heard is for tv shows, where plot is treated as life and death (wouldn’t be surprised if they shot stuff they never intended to include for game of thrones). Sometimes larger budget films will shoot alternate scenes where they will test out in the editing room to see which works better.

Again, they’re not “handed over” really. It’s all digital, so back ups of back ups and copies are normal (can you imagine to spend hundreds of million on shooting something only to lose it?), and the studios own the footage, as much as they will respect the opinions of highly regarded filmmakers.

I know a guy who works at the trailer house that did suicide squad. The backstory is a little more complicated.

Screen Rant: Marvel Is Releasing Captain Marvel Too Close To Avengers: Endgame.

Now they notice?!

Two awesome Marvel movies with close release dates?


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Well, depends on the running time of Endgame, which currently stands at 3 hours.

I am feeling a bit uneasy at all the rumors about reshoots. Hope it is just a smokescreen. I mean, Wolverine?! Deadpool?! No please, don´t mess this up.

Guys check out the official website for Captain Marvel:

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Funny. Why are they reshooting so late? Did a copy get stolen and now they ar changing the whole film? What´s up?!

The first two movies that come to my mind when i hear “late reshoots” are Suicide Squad and the last Fantastic Four movie.

Good God.

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Hell no. :sob:

This comment makes sense:
Maybe with the limited viewings they’ve done there were things the audiences didn’t like the way something was said or delivered so they’re doing some nips and tucks.

But I would hate if they give the audience what they want and not what the story leads to.

Or this:
The reshoots are due to Disney’s acquisition of fox finally getting done and marvel finally getting the green light to use the newly acquired characters. So now they are reshooting to add the silver Surfer, galactus , fantastic four and wolverine to this movie…I hope lol

Which would be too hurried and lead to disaster…

Again, this has been 10 years in the planning. They allegedly shot 3 and 4 at the same time. Why the rush now?

My theory: secrecy. Keep it under wraps until last minute. However, I still do not like it one bit. When it was in October it was late enough. Two months before opening? Nope, nope, no.

I hope this means this stupid piece of shit would be HATED by stupid fanboys and the franchise would DIE

It’s always refreshing to see your lovely comments!

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You’ll be pleased to learn that MCU films tend to be among the most commercially successful, and that unless civilization collapses, we’re more or less guaranteed several dozen more.

Given the scale of End Game, if it turns out to be a BOMB, they would lose a lot of money, which is exactly what the world needs.

I this will depend if the MCU goes full SJW like Star Wars. Captain Marvel has the potential to be a good movie, but if they inject SJW stuff into it, that might be the beginning of the end for the MCU, like how the last Jedi sucked and then Solo bombed.

I thought Black Panther already went full SJW. At least according to far right white ppl on internet.