Cap Marvel, Endgame & the Marvel Cinematic Universe 2019


Oh gosh, nooooooo!

I haven’t even bothered to watch Solo. It has such a bad rep. Last movie disaster I saw was Jurassic World 2. Money back demand kind of bad, not just disappointing. No SW fan, but still I consider Episodes 1 to 3 a complete train wreck.

To make matters worse, the Russos had said before this reshooting that the movie was running at 3 hours long. There was talk of an actual intermission/pee break. If the Powers that be pushed for a drastic cut so it would have an average run so as not to affect the bottom line…then there we would have a reason to change the story and reshoot. And have a tragic fockop a la Justice League.



“Captain Marvel” is expected perform at “Ant-Man” levels, not “Black Panther” levels (although BP was a surprise, and CM might likewise overperform). It is hard to imagine “Endgame” being an outright flop, given all the hype that is built into it, though it could conceivably prove a box-office disappointment. Even if the film is bad, people with fond memories of “Infinity War” would give it a chance, then stay away from the fifth movie (if there is one). Think of the numbers from the second and third “Matrix” films.

One unknown factor is how being released so close to one another (CM and Endgame) will affect their respective box offices.

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and it was a piece of garbage like the rest of the franchise, right?


I’ve never seen it so I can’t comment


But you watched all the other marvel movies ?_?


I’ve seem a few and they are bad enough.


even star wars?


BP was okay. Acting was okay. Over-reliant on visual effects, and the plot asks us to accept that leadership of some African Shangri-La is decided by fisticuffs (why are these movies always so monarchist?), but the costumers absolutely deserve an Oscar nomination. (“Best Picture” is ridiculous, though, this is the cinematic equivalent of cotton candy.) Like Wonder-Woman, the movie persuaded people to think of it as a phenomenon, and support it out of feminism / black-powerism. On the other hand, Aquaman did equally well (with more or less the same plot), and had none of the social-justice stuff going for it, so maybe it is just the superheroes.

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thanks for reminding me we still have to endure episide 9. I should sue you for hate speech -__-


The original idea is that Endgame is literally that: the end of this saga of heroes. They are moving on with other properties, ehem, characters. they call it Phase 4, which is like more space travel oriented.

Moreover, there are rumors of them killing off one, two …who knows how many of the original characters, because of costs, contracts, aging, plot issues, etc.

In summary, it is difficult there will be a 5th. they had this planned out at 10 years, and they will not pull a Erick Kripke (Supernatural). They have way too many other cash cows to milk.


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Oh sure, I fully expect several of the leads to end up dead (i.e. deader than those who are now temporarily dead, if you see what I mean). But Avengers movies make so much money, so reliably, and could be made with almost any cast of superheroes, that I can’t believe they wouldn’t make a fifth. Maybe they’ll call it New Avengers or something. Since there have been two Avengers movies in as many years, a break would be understandable.


I tend to agree with the idea that if you watch a few films from a series and find them to be garbage, you don’t necessarily need to watch the rest to make sure your judgement is correct.
It also applies to many other things, not just movies. I mean, if I go to a restaurant, try three dishes and they’re garbage, I’m not likely to go back and order the rest of the menu just to make sure I’m not missing any gem.

So I think it’s fair to consider Black Panther a piece of trash even if you’ve never seen it, it wouldn’t make sense to watch more movies in a franchise you hate just to confirm they’re all trash.

Try it: Black Panther was shit.

I know you can do it, give it a try!


There’s nothing wrong in thinking that Black Panther was just a shitty hero movie that deserved none of the praise it received. Say it!


No one with an IQ above 60 will call you a racist for saying that a shitty movie was shitty! We all believe in you, you need to believe in yourself!!!


We’re all with you in this! It’s a small step for you, one giant leap for current year!


Not with the same cast, they have said. There is the issue of age -for example, beautiful papi Hugh Jackman is giving up Wolverine because he can´t keep up the regime, he says.

There is also a bit of money -contracts expiring- and overall arc planning.

There is also a whole schedule of years of new films to be released. The MCU has huge plans ahead.


One does not just try to reason with @Gain , but the effort was flawless.

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I’ll probably find it shit after watching it. Idk what you’re on about. It’s very childish.


It’s basically the same plot as Magneto’s story. Mutant done wrong, grows up jaded, wants revenge, gets handled. There’s flecks of corn in it, but your assessment prior to viewing isn’t far off.


Marvel Secret Wars would be a great way to introduce the new MCU characters and kill off the ones whose contracts are expiring.


I am looking forward to seeing Captain Marvel next month and the last installation of The Avengers.