Capital Punishment in Taiwan

I’ve heard that capital punishment is done in Taiwan, but was wondering how often it is handed down as a sentence and under what circumstances. What form of it do they do? Execution, lethal injection, shooting, hanging, etc.?


They shoot you. Warning: postaholism is a capital offense in Taiwan and they typically seek extradition.

Just kidding. Post on, dude. It’s always entertaining at the least.

A bullet to the head… Taiwan, thankfully, is trying to abolish this dreadful punishment. In 2000, 17 people were murdered by the government, some for drug crimes. You can find out more through Amnesty International I expect. Maybe even do something to help!

Bullet to the heart, in fact, through the back, unless the organs are being harvested. I think its a damn good punishment. I wish they still had it in Britain.

Since when were executions in Britain carried out by a shooting (except in times of war?)
I always preferred the idea of a good old hanging. More of a public spectacle and better entertainment value. Or there again, beheading by sword would be pretty cool too…

I just meant capital punishment. The method isn’t so important.

I have less issues with capital punishment than how it is applied. I think it is barbaric to execute first-time offenders or offenders of non-murder related charges. I also believe that 2nd degree murders should not warrant the death penalty. Noone should be executed for having carried out an offence as a minor. Nobody should be executed if they do not have the mental capacity of an adult. Nobody should be executed based on circumstantial evidence. If you’ve got some serial killer who has just offed half a sorority, I have no problems with capital punishment. But the way they do it in China and the US is just twisted. Evidence of a sick society.

[color=darkred]I think there needs to be an annual lottery where all taxi cab drivers must draw lots and those with numbers that are multiples of ‘4’ are herded into a football stadium to receive their come-uppance. It’ll be a national holiday, and there will be all sorts of really wonderful holiday food with indecipherable names like ‘Cabbie Cabbage Cakes’ and ‘Sticky Fingered Cabbie Butter’, and then at 6 PM on the nose we take our places and start lobbing hand grenades into the field. Of course, the cabbies are allowed to run and dodge and stuff. Otherwise it wouldn’t be very sporting, would it?[/color]


This place is capital punishment…