Capitalism and long hair

Interesting how both North Korea and 1960’s Republicans both perceived long hair as proof of a dissolute life. The North Koreans have finally decided to stop the insanity and chastise long-haired hooligans. … 0109183921
I liked the argument that

I don’t think anyone can argue against the assertion that

Makes you wonder where we in the West went wrong.

When I first arrived in Taiwan it was still the custom for police to snatch long-haired males off the street and give them a buzzcut.

Its G.W. Bushs fault. :unamused:


My favorite part is how long hair reduces intelligence by “robbing the brain of energy.” :slight_smile:

Haven’t seen this article up on the DPRK website yet, but they may just be running a couple days behind. If you haven’t been to their website before, I think it is worth visiting. It’s a bit like reading The Onion, but obviously reading about how South Koreans are all desperate to migrate to the North, and how the Dear Leader’s agricultural policies are leading to “bumper harvests” when 2 million people are dying of starvation makes the irony somewhat bittersweet…

actually, long hair today is mostly associated with rednecks(usually with mullets). urban liberals KNOW that the fab five frown on long hair. in every single episode, they’ve made the guy chop it off. :wink:

I was kind of surprised by North Korea’s donation to the tsunami victims. Their people are starving. Isn’t that kind of - ? Never mind, we’re talking about a dictator who arguably has the largest porno collection in the world and who kidnapped Japanese civilians to act in a movie about how much people want to come to North Korea. I especially like the story about the American who defected to North Korea and had to act the ‘evil American’ in NK propaganda flicks. Some days I think I have bad days and then I think about him. :frowning:

North Korea has always been [i]very[/i] close to Indonesia. Read The Jakarta Post.