Capitalism and Socialism

Both Capitalism and Socialism all over the world have failed to bring down poverty level. Now World needs new order like Socio-Capitalism, in which capitalists are in check by Collective reforms. So the benefit of development is passed on to entire population. Social security and medical benefit to organized and unorganized sector workers and old age benefits maintained to population. Rural based Jobs are generated through proper research based education and investments. I quote an example:- Some thirty years back each villager in India had cow, hen, sheep or goat, could give additional earning through milk and fertilizer, now have almost vanished rather villages are getting converted to urbanization. Agricultural Research and investment not only would help breeding for milk products rather by collectively Government, investors or villagers launch centralized energy or electricity unit by animal waste and plants which are not in common use. Socio-Capitalism is a system of capitalism in participation by general population. Thus industrialists and working population are financially involved (seeking help of banks or capitalist).

  1. Need to generate resources for transportation before constructing roads.
  2. Education means Employment. Political education is of no use in present world. Learning skill to survive is education.
  3. Social Security and medical benefit is human’s right, non-provision to Unorganized workers and old aged is violation of human rights.
  4. Industrial or Economic growth without job creation is unjustified. Both medium and large industries be equally treated. Mechanical operation in some sectors be discouraged.
  5. Democracy mean also economic justice and right of each citizen. Without economic justice democracy fails.
  6. Role of Region is to influence community to join collectively for human growth. And not as present creating hatred feelings among various regions.
  7. Role of United Nations is to Unite the Nations but now has limited to Charitable care taking food assisting organization.
  8. Objective of Trade is to promote resources for population. Purpose fails when Trade grows without benefits to all population.
  9. Excessive Urbanization is root cause to environmental and human disaster. Major disease like asthma, heart disease, sinus and etc; are because of urbanized food patter and stressful life.

Hmm. I think it’s been tried …

Well, good luck with the revolution, kid.

Nothing like some lighthearted reading for a Friday evening is there?

I used to be young and idealistic like that. :soapbox: Going to revolutionize the world, I was. :rant: Now I just want to get the damn kids off my lawn. :grandpa:

why did they fail? one word … greed! … in socialism and in caputalism … greed is the nail in the coffin …

This initial post is fail on so many levels, that I truly believes it reaches the point of EPIC FAIL!

How about a third way?

I am sitting in a cyber cafe sipping an iced coffee and munching on a rather fine bar of dark chocolate: and I would very much like to know in what sense capitalism has failed. 30 years ago, for example, China did away with socialism and more than 300 million people have lifted themselves out of poverty. India is growing nicely now for similar reasons as is Vietnam. Singapore, Hong Kong and Taiwan are great examples of Asian wealth. They are capitalist.

To put it rather crudely, the only people remaining in poverty are those who are not part of the global economy - like much of Africa, western China, Afghanistan etc. Capitalism does not make anyone poor. As Jeffrey Sachs says, " Two hundred years ago everybody was poor."

If capitalism failed it would not be possible to post about it on an online forum.

I think you must mean countries rather than people, or otherwise your statement would be nonsensical.

Good luck to the capitalists and the socialists, by the way. Let’s hope they succeed in their dreams of making sure that everyone can make a decent living.

“Both Capitalism and Socialism all over the world have failed to bring down poverty level.”

Arguments begun from a false premise are doomed to failure.

I’ll stick with the original.