Anyone interested in capoeira classes in taoyuan
I would like to form a small group in the region.
Classes after 8:00 pm



After 11 years I’m going back to Taiwan.
Put the name of capoeira above all respect for the art that I carry with me
We are ready to start students with capoeira, classes of insturments, history
Capoeira today is a world sport with 155 adept countries but Brazilian art to teach capoeira needs more than training 5 or 6 years but to know the history from the roots I am back on the 17th of this month with new project classes and workshop
Ax and let’s practice.


Come form a new class in taoyuan city
Send email or phone if you are interested


Hi Fernando, I’m interested in the capoeira in Taoyuan.


lets go pratice just need have some more people we can make class