*Capriati's US Open Win

I just watched the US Open QF match between Serena Williams and Jennifer Capriati and I can’t remember seeing any game in any sport where so many bad calls were made against a player or team. The obviously blown calls from the chair umpire and lines people pretty much insured that Capriati won the match. Capriati’s win is clearly tainted by this, especially since she had an opportunity on the first blown call at the start of the 3rd set to step up and tell the chair umpire that her call was wrong. Everyone in the stadium, including Capriati who was standing right where the ball landed, knew that the ball was in and should not have been called out. I have seen other tennis matches where a player conceded a point b/c he or she knew that the call was wrong. Capriati had a chance to make things right and she chose not to. Ok, fair enough. But, she shouldn’t complain if there is an asterisk forever attached to this win. What a joke. :raspberry: