Caption competition 2018

Starting a few weeks early, I know! :slight_smile:

New Party spokesman Wang Ping-chung, center, shouts yesterday as Ministry of Justice Investigation Bureau agents escort him from his residence in Taipei for questioning about alleged breaches of the National Security Act.
Photo: Peter Lo, Taipei Times

I’m confused. What’s with the water in the foreground?

I’m thinking like, Don’t sacrifice me to the Drowned God, bro! I said I want to rule the Beautiful Island, not the Iron Islands! :scream: :squid:

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Rain droplets on the roof of a black car.

Wang Ping-chung popularity explodes as he releases latest rap single called “New Party Espionage”

You can’t arrest me! My sins have been washed away!

Male (23) is rushed to the hospital for treatment after uncontrolled fecal eruptions caused by authentic Sichuan cuisine while friend with bucket follows closely


not a caption… but…