Caption competition

Caption competition. Best one wins prize of 100 guanxi.

Heheh - some “fun and games” for ya!

Firstly - :shock:

“Hey - it is sunny in here!”

Self-Sustaining Human Ecosystem - Version 1

“I’m having so much fun here in Bali and you guys are all stuck in Taiwan, Ha Ha Ha.”

“Nurse, I was housecleaning in the nude, and I slipped and accidentally sat on my head”

“maybe i DO think too much.”

“No Laura, I didn’t say he actually had weapons of mass destruction, I said he may have the capability to develop weapons of mass destruction at some time in the future through his study of our weapons of mass destruction.”

“I’ve found the WMD’s !”

“Hello, My name is Chen Shuibian”

(and for balance)“Hello, My name is Lien Zhan”

“Honey, can you schedule another appointment with meiguolangren for me? Ever since that last visit I just can’t keep fisting out of my mind.”

“Ok, now what would David Blaine do? Think!”


“Oh man, how am I going to explain this to the other Yoga instructors?”

Big Fluffy puts his thinking cap on.

Juuuuuust kidding! :wink:

  • Fred Smith, what are you doing here? (just kidding buddy)

Look no further then the most recennt posts …

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  • “My Chiese New Year’s Bonus” (by the way y’all its “Lunar” new year

And…from song “When the moon hits your eye, like a big pizza pie, thats Amore!”


“I need 100$ in play money like I need another hole in my head.”

Richard I think you mean “head in a hole”



Ladies and Gentlemen the President of the Republic of China

“The proctologist called and he said that he found your…oh, nevermind.”

He was trying to find his smuggled stash and figured looking would be faster than just feeling for it.

“Honey, my mother’s here!”

A naked hide-go-seek game gone horribly awry.

Bush, after failing to find WMD in Iraq, tries looking a little closer to home…a little too close, if you ask me.

“Of all the times for my back to go out…”

“They’ll never find me here!”

“Hey! My shit really doesn’t stink!”

The 2004 winner of the Stump the “Worst-Case Scenario” Authors Competition

And my personal favorite…


Or even worse… “Look, kids! New Cap’n Crunch…with dingleberries!”


Okay, okay…I quit.


The Face of a Native English speaking teacher in Taiwan…Well maybe not the face

One thing that smoking won’t cause… :unamused:

I am checking my private messages on Forumosa

It’s always the last place you look.

I’m not kidding. I’m really stuck!

Be yourself.