Capuchin monkeys?

There is a guy with 2 Capuchin monkeys for adoption on tealit… is it even legal to have those in Taiwan? i am no planning to adopt as i am leaving the country this year, but just let you guys know, maybe someone can do something about that…

They could have been introduced “legally” for lab experimentation. The problem lies in how sociallized they are and how big they are, they cannot be full pets.

Remember they also had tigers and such here as “pets”.

I’ve seen that one… wow. I know some aboriginal people keep monkeys as pets in the mountains, but no one would check there if it’s legal or not.
Me myself… I am still dreaming of second cat, monkeys are too much for me. Kind of scares me too I guess :blush:

Thanks for writing back, the monkeys are still available and
they are perfectly good. They will come with all their documents,
including a one year health guarantee certificate, they are very
friendly with people and do enjoy the company of other pets around and
even strangers. I have two main reasons why I’m giving these monkeys
for adoption. The first reason is that these monkeys was own by my
wife and I just lost a wife and two children six weeks ago in a car
accident, and since then I have been the only person who takes care of
the monkeys, and each time I see these monkeys it affects me
psychologically as I will start
thinking about my family and most of the time also affect my job, and
so my psychologist asked me to stay away from these monkeys so as move
on with my life. The second reason is that the nature of my job does
not allowed me to give the monkeys the attention, love and care they
need. I work with the World Health Organization (WHO), we have a
mission for
the WHO in Cameroon and I had to take the monkeys along with me since
there was nobody to look after them. Here in Cameroon, we are very
busy with the mission and I don’t have enough time to love and take
care of the monkeys the way my children and wife have always done. So
all we need from you is your guarantee that you will love and take
care of the monkeys as your own child, and I would also like you to
know that am not not selling the monkeys because they were like my
own children, so all we are interested in is looking for loving and
caring home that we love and care for them as we always have done of
which I think you can provide for them. So if you are to take the
monkey,it will have to be transported and deliver to you. You will not
pay for the flight ticket because i bought a two way flight ticket
when i was traveling with them and it is still valid. So the only
money you will pay is NT$5000 (per monkey) which i will use to pay for
the monkey’s document to be change from my names to your names and
also pay for the anti pressure vaccines which will be given to monkey
before it get into the plane. You can also ring me anytime on
+23799708982. I will be waiting for your reply for more information.
Attached to this email are some pictures of the monkeys.
Thank you
Best regards

:roflmao: Brilliant.

hahahaha … i remember a friend of mine who sent money for a english bulldog pup that was being abandoned … in Africa… well i suppose scams come in all forms…

And here I was picturing some Taiwanese empresario who had gotten them as pets, paisay!

[quote]The range of capuchin monkeys includes Central America and South America as far south as northern Argentina.


Cameroon? Africa? Great soccer, BTW.

Oh, and the capuchin monkeys are edible. :smiley:

this Cameroon citizen is going crazy on tealit… two more posts today… one about DRUGS (!!!) and one about exotic parrots export in big quantities…

Wonder why tealit admins don’t report it to police @_@

Tealit is Wild West, man, but FOBs do not know it, so, they are easy marks.