Car Accident in Pingtung

I wanted to know if anyone can give me some information or point me in the right direction regarding a car accident that not me by my car was involved in.

I was with my family eating in a local restaurant in Pingtung when the restaurant said there was an accident and gave our license plate #. I went out to see and someone was actually leaving the parking lot, clipped a Mercedes and then veered back into the parking lot, hit the side of a van and then plowed right into our parked Mitsubishi Freeca. The driver of the car that hit us was not drinking.

The parking lot owners were good to us. They drove us back to Kaohsiung and even paid for the tow back to our car dealership. Our car is damaged on three sides (just not the front).

Basically I would like to know how the law handles car accidents here and what I should expect. We are now without our English School’s car and are a little unsure of the best way to proceed with this case. Any advice or suggestions would be great.

Thanks for any input.


I suppose that when it happened on a private lot you need to hold responsible the car driver and try to reach an agreement, and/or will have to sue the owner of the car and/or the lot owner … if happened on a public road you should file a complaint with the police …

As far as traffic law goes in England car parks are the same as public roads and policy is the same. I don’t know about 3rd world Taiwan, but I wouldn’t hold your breath. Did you file a report before you left the scene? If not then you may need help from a lawyer before the police touch it with a stick.

It was funny that this police department can only send out two officers at one time. So it took about 5 hours to get everything recorded and noted. The police still have to get some more statements.

I am wondering more about what the insurance companies do here? The driver has insurance but it seems that some of the policies and regulations are a lot different from Canada. I know my mom got in a car accident in Canada and it was taken care of within an hour and she had a car delivered to her. We were lucky enough that the parking lot owner was trying to keep us happy and paid for our travel back to Kaohsiung and the towing fee for our vehicle.

Does the insurance pay the damages here or do we have to go for compensation from the owner? It’s the process that confuses me.