Car ferries in and around Taiwan?

Hi googled this topic in the past days and browse 5 Taiwan guidebooks for further details but couldn’t find any reliable information.

Are there any ferries that will take your personal car? We have two little kids and having the option to take the bicycles and baggage with us without having to use of trains or flying would just be great. There are so many nice places around Taiwan and being stuck to the main island with your car makes travelling options rather limited (not saying that there isn’t much to see on the main island, sometimes you just need something new). I’m not talking about little ferries crossing rivers, but rather ferries to islands like Penghu or even mainland China. How do local people on the outlying islands take their cars there?
I even heard that the ferry to the mainland has capacities for cars but couldn’t find any information if it actually carries personal cars (customs might make this impossible I assume?).


Car ferries to Penghu and Mazu exist, the latter sails from Jilong. The Jinmen ferry does not run anymore, it seems.

Great question and idea for folks with a car and kids!

A short ride but there is a ferry from Yilan to Hualien. This is popular because people don’t like to drive the twisty Su’ao highway between Yilan and Hualien (I like it fine though, unless I get stuck behind a truck). … rod_id=242

Is it just me or does the ferry look like Taiwan’s new Tuojiang Class Corvette? :ponder: