Car Hire

Can anybody help me?

My parents are coming to Taiwan and they asked me to find out about car rentals. Does anybody know of a good place for a foreign couple to rent a car for a week or so?

Thanks for your help.


Tried the archives? … ght=#33393

Their website:

Another car rental in Taipei:

But I don’t know anything about VIP car.

Central was okay, though we didn’t get the car we wanted, but got a Volkswagen T4 instead and had to realize (after taking off) that there were no seatbelts in the back seats. After having had a couple of bad accidents that turned out rather harmless because of the seatbelts, my aunt and uncle were a bit uneasy. Luckily, nothing happened. And next time, we’ll just check that beforehand (coming from a country where wearing a seatbelt in the back seat is required by law, I didn’t think of checking).

I’m going back to Central this weekend because they are rather friendly, speak excellent English and were nice to deal with (apart from the Volkswagen thing).

However, does anybody know if there’s a car rental in Taipei that rents out cute, little, easy-to-drive French cars instead of all the “big” American and Japanese limousines with automatic transmission?


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