Car long term leasing - costs

Hi everybody,

I plan to lease a car and would like to get some current market prices.
I found a Toyota altos/vios at 22000NT/month, with insurance costs. What would be the cost for bigger car such as Camry and for SUV type? Thanks!

I would have to check again but we used to lease a few vios for emoloyees . Was around 13000 a month but maybe a company deal . Depreciation is fairly low on vios so lease deals should be cheaper . I will check properly for you . Give me a day or two , but at least you can get a price to compare . Note: this was a few years ago so maybe more but pretty sure much less than your quote . Anyway will check

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Thank you shiadoa! :+1:

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I will check out some Camry and the slightly more prestige stuff . You never know ā€¦

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Hi Varan
you montly payment will depend on your milleage, terms, and type of leasing you were choosing. So I cannot tell if the price you stated was right or not, but 22000NT/Month it will be way too much if that is for 36 months and for rental only.
Iā€™m working for vehicle leasing company, if you still need any help you can let me know.