Car parts new and used

Hi everyone,

Does anyone know where I can find a used carb for a 1989 Minicab 4x4 van? My van and I are in Vancouver now and she’s hurtin’ real bad. I grabbed boxes and boxes of parts but the spare carb I have has a problem.

I used to ask my girlfriend to hunt for stuff for me (she sent me oversized pistons once!) but I haven’t talked to her in years and it feels a little weird asking, “Hi there, remember me? Can you go to the wrecker and ask them if they have a carb for my van?”

I wish there was an online place that I could order Taiwanese parts. I bought a carb from Japan but they’re too different so I sent it back.


I think you should buy used carb for your vehicle. There are heaps of places online where you can find your desired parts. But before making any deal or giving any money, make sure you’re investing in a right place. The dealer should be reliable and the part’s condition should be good. You should check out some online reliable auto parts store for your desired parts! It’s an amazing place for buying used parts.

Used to be there were dead vans/trucklings being used as roadside ad hoardings everywhere out in the semi-sticks here in S. Taiwan (around Tainan), and I’d often thought that, if I had one, they’d be a ready source of spares.

Technical theft but pretty victimless.

Now you mention it, I think the creeping tyranny of the tiny tidy mind may have overcome us, since they don’t seem to be around any more.

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