Car Rentals

First time poster - and seeking a bit of advice on car rentals from Taoyuan airport.

A bit of research indicates that most rental companies require a 10-30% “self-payment” in case of theft or car loss (guessing this means in case the car is totalled?), with no possibility to subscribe to additional insurance. (leaning towards ORIX at the moment, at 20%). Only Avis offers full coverage, but is quite a bit more expensive.

Is this normal procedure in Taiwan? Is car theft common? any advice ?

Thanks to all !

Where are you off to needing a Car rental?

Taoyuan Airport --> Downtown Taipei is 1,000 NT$ by Taxi
No, Car Theft is not common IMO.

We are doing a 10 day round the island trip, landing in Taoyuan, going down to the Sun Moon Lake, Tainan and Kenting area, then up via Taitung to Hualien and the Taroko Gorge. Will spend a day in Taipei before flying out again. Is the public transport system suitable for such a trip with limited chinese? (very limited to saying hello and counting numbers…)

Technically yes it is suitable, but because you’re in a time-frame and you want the convenience of travelling at your own time e.t.c you should hire a Car.

If you’re looking for better rates, I have a feeling that renting from down town Taipei then going on your trip might be better.
(Especially if you go to really small car rental stores)

Some sites for you:

Note: These would be hiring from Taipei, not Taoyuan Airport.

thanks - you’ve been fantastic!