Car seats in taxis

Is this true in taxis? It is not in buses, which are technically “motor vehicles”. I know in many countries that taxis and buses are exempt as public transport vehicles or otherwise - it would be worth looking at. Not that enforcement would change though.

back in the day, I would carry a car seat to install in taxis. the drivers always told me me it’s not necessary and that holding the baby is ok.
however, I’m not sure if they were quoting the law or just being lazy.

in any case we used our own car seat in taxis for safety.


Definitely a good idea. I just know from my experience that sometimes there are additions to laws after the fact, that are often not obvious in the original law, and need to be found separately.

Well, having been here for a couple months now, and having taken a fair number of taxis…I can report that no driver, Uber or otherwise, has asked us about having a car seat for our 1 year old.

However, I can also say that they’ve all had seat belts available and accessible, so I don’t see why you wouldn’t be able to put in a car seat pretty painlessly. Now if I could just find a reasonably priced one…


Reasonably priced ones are very difficult to find… i bought ours in the USA an brought it over. it was half price compared to here.

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Echo this, prices are crazy here, we bought all ours in Europe and carted them back.

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If I’d known it was that bad I would have brought one over when we moved, but we had so much luggage already it seemed not worth the effort.

Is something like this so bad though? I mean it seems overpriced but altogether not horrible…?

Look into Joie


Or Graco. I think these two brands have a good balance on price and quality


You can get the Joie Tilt for a great price. There’s a store near me that has it for 2500 and I think it’s 3000 online. The wife and I bought it just for the special occasions when we take a taxi with our son, like visiting relatives during CNY.

Some taxis do have car seats for babies or kids. Usually for these though you have to book in advance and mention it in a comment. For CNY this year my sister in law booked the taxi and mentioned that we had a baby and the driver showed up with a car seat.


PChome has it listed pretty high.
Sometimes you can get better deals in brick and mortar stores.

【奇哥】Joie tilt 雙向汽座0-4歲-灰色

I use the Joie Stages seats for my kids. Pretty heavy to lug around for a taxi though.

For taxis, just call in advance and request a carseat. I think Uber also has that option.

Taiwan Da Che Dui taxi company offers taxis with car seats at a cost of 1.2 times the fare.

I’d take a look at one in a store, we found that anything semi reasonably priced to have fairly low end materials and really hard “cushioning”, as if it was just polystyrene with no foam layer for comfort. Something similar with a recognized brand and full safety certs is only about 50 euro in Europe.

Other option is to join some of the local parenting FB groups, people regularly sell good secondhand imported ones.


Is this still true? Ours is going to outgrow the rear-facing carrier soon, but is too young for the Uber car seat. Plus I never see one available in our area. The FindTaxi app says they need to be reserved in advance and the taxi company apps are all in Chinese.
I’ve been wondering if it’s possible to just get away with using a booster seat. It getting to be a big problem going shopping while carrying around a car seat.

still true.

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