Car service interval

Back home, my Mitsubishi had to go all 10.000 km to the inspection at the Mitsu dealer. The BMW I drove had 7500 until the next one had a yellow light coming up … all 7500 km to show it wanted to go back to the garage. Here on the rock we bring our Nissan all 5000km to the garage. Wife says it’ because of moisture. Really necessary to do it so soon?

Its not simply a question of kilometres specifically, more to do with wear and tear.
A car’s engine still spins, regardless of how far it travels. In Taiwan, a lot of engine revolutions occur whilst stationary, or when travelling slow in traffic. This also reflects of the average vehicle’s fuel consumption figures which are generally quite poor when compared to places which offer faster roads with fewer traffic or interruptions.
Taiwan does offer a great level of humidity and it is for this reason that I personally recommend changing brake fluid more often as it is hygroscopic and absorbs moisture from the air. This moisture may lower the boiling point of the fluid and reduce the performance of the brakes, as well as cause corrosion within a system. In short then, the answer to your question is simple. It is usually necessary for vehicles to require servicing based on shorter distances covered in Taiwan. Servicing in terms of time intervals however are similar to those abroad.

Our Nissan gets its heart, lungs and testicles checked every 5k, regular as clockwork, same guy for the life of the car. Thing’s more than 10 years old now and still runs like a dream… well… not quite – it runs like a Nissan, but you know what I mean. Apart from new shoes and normal wear and tear we haven’t spent a thin dime on the thing in all that time, touch wood.

Thanks for the answers, makes perfect sense.

Do they change something every 5000km or just a check over things to make sure everything is fine?

I regularly change engine oil at 5000km and transmission oil every 20,000km. Belts changed every 50,000km. Fuel filter 15,000km on my Mitsu.