Car share program (Zipcar or iRent)


I just saw that they have a car sharing program in Taiwan. Does anyone have experience with that?



They have them at the Nei Hu Carrefour (in the parking lot, they have 2 dedicated spots). Seen people take them out but haven’t looked into how the service works or how much it is.


The local one (irent) is much more popular and they are available pretty much around the island. Hourly or daily rates.


Seems like you just download the app and put a credit card on file. No membership fees and you can rant from 1 hour to 7 days at a time.


So, iRent is Toyota and Zipcar is VW!

But the price depending on your needs is more expensive than taking a taxi.


Now, why would both sites only be in Chinese?


Can I have just a 30 minute rant? :joy:


I guess once you take one, it just charges you min 1 hour no matter what.