Car stereo recommendations in Taiwan?

Hey folks,

I’m looking to replace the tape deck inside a second hand Toyota Corona I just bought.

I’m going to use the stock speakers for a while but I’d like to pick up a decent stereo deck.


-Remove-able faceplate
-Ability to connect an external MP3 player through a standard headphone jack.
-FM radio
-USB connection (I’m not sure what this will do but I see it as standard on a lot of stereos)
-Ability to read CD’s and CDRW and MP3 discs (ability to read DVDRW would be great too)
-Ability to read a variety of other audio codec files would be good too.
-Digital display can read MP3 tags and display them.

Thats it more or less.

If anyone can recommend any good brands and models that would be swell.

Thanks in advance

Sorry I am well out of the loop as to what products are on the market these days as most vehicle’s standard radios suffice for most people. From experience I would say that Pioneer and Panasonic in the medium range stereos offer some of the best sound overall, with good spread between low, mid and high frequencies. I don’t like Sony as it is base biased and not as clear as other plyers. Clarion have made good stereos in the past, but quality has always been a bit hit and miss in regards to recalls and returns. Blaupunkt always sounds to me like someone singing through a sock. Philips is mediocre.