Car Stereos

Can you recommend where we can buy car steroes in Taipei ?

Fixed price and all major models at display !!

I haven’t seen much either, but I am surely interested. Maybe check in the Vroom, Vroom forum, I talked to a guy who has a decent system installed, so he might know


I was able to find good range of car stereo in AUTOBACKs. This is a very good shop just close to Minchuan Bridge and close to RT Mart/BenQ in Neihu.

I was very convinced by their range.

Go and check it out

Before you buy I strongly urge you to check out the stereo I am trying to sell. Maybe it is too high-end for you. From the looks of prices of some of the cars here on Forumosa it is almost as expensive as the cars…hahaha…not really that expensive just joking.

Maybe nobody has any MP3s in Taiwan, or they like changing CDs all of the time in their CD changer. Anyway, this kind of setup is not available in Taiwan and I imported it myself. Works really well, mint condition. … ood#223722