Car/van options

Circumstances have changed and I now need a car that double as my personal zip around Taipei and the island with the family as well as something I can use for transporting products…

So far my options are:

Toyota Hiace

Any other advice most appreicated

Bang for the buck? I used to fancy one of those Delicia 2.5 vans that you can get lifted and suchlike, but reading this forum has turned me over to a 4WD Surf for a van. VW? How about one of those Caravelles? Too big?

I thought abotu a Surf, but the height to width ratio scares me. A mate had that was super scary on the highway.

The VW T4 is the Caravelle I think or a version thereof. I have a VW here in Oz and it has treated me so well I am quite brand loyal. It would be good for throwing the MTBs in as well. The Hiace looks Ok and it is a Toyota… will check out the Delicas - thanks!

I’ve owned over 70 vehicles and have learned to repair almost anything myself and no joke this second hand 1989 Mitsubishi Minicab 4x4 I’ve been driving for a year now is one of the best vehicles I’ve ever owned or worked on. Mitsubishi rules. I think they are the most underrated of the Japanese producers. Minicab 800cc 2WD or 4x4s are tough as nails but small and only come in a 4speed. Varica 1100 or 1200cc little bigger 2WD or 4WD one of the most common vehicles on the road, Delica (aka. school bus) 2WD or 4WD gas or diesel again… reliable as hell. All three of these vans are used by schools, farmers, and delivery drivers for many reasons. Reliabiliy, parts availability (these little parts supply stores always surprise me by having the oddest parts for my van in stock), and they are dirt cheap. Not to mention the smart engineering with the interior and drivetrain.

VW? Well parts are more of an issue and people here ask too much for them.
Toyota surf and hiace are pretty much the same thing… garbage. I love Toyota but those two vehicles are poop.

Oh I just remembered… The Nissan Vanette those things are coooool. I think the engine is in the back but I don’t know much more about them. I don’t suggest you get one but I thought I’d mention it.

What’s your budget?

Oh yeah. Before I lifted my jeep YJ, locked the axles, and put big tires on it I’d get stuck in the sand (I’ve got lots of experience on sand so I’d hope it wasn’t me hehehe) whenever I went out. This van has 13" pizza cutters and never gets stuck. Now I pull right up to the surf break in Ja Le Shui without fear. LONG LIVE MITSUBISHI.

thanks for the tips jive… was a good read til the “I pull right up to the surf break in Ja Le Shui without fear” comment… I like my beaches unspoiled by cars and related fumes and dogs… but thats just me.

the delica just doesnt do it for me.

budget? mabye 450-500… dont know.

Me too man. But in taiwan well… it’s a different ball game. Ja Le Shui isn’t really a beach though it’s more of a trashed rivermouth. Sorry about that though.

Yeah I don’t really like the Delica or the Varica either. The VW is much more visually apealing no doubt. For that kind of cabbage, you can get almost anything. I think you should have a look on yahoo auctions to see what’s goin on before you get serious about anything.

How about Dodge Caravan? They’re decent back in Canada but the climate is much warmer here so who knows how they fair.

I would go for something of a local make and avoid anything imported.

jive - will check out the Dodge… I know the US had a VW Eurotour or Eurovan or sometthing that looked nice.

Mr He - Ok, such as?

ocally made van like thingies:

Mitsubishi Freeca.
Ditto delica.
The hated Surf.
Mitsubishi Space Gear.
Ford has a few.
Nissan Vanette should be local too.

Parts are cheaper, they are also easier for the locals to fix.

Cheers Mr He…

If anyone knows of similar Ford models please post… I am not in Taiwan and unfamiliar with local model names.

Feecas and Space Gears are nice man! I didn’t even mention them because well… they are way out of my 50,000NT price range.

Ford makes a van called Pronto that comes in a 4x4 as well but they’re small… big enough for a family no doubt but your “product” might need more space. I can’t seem to remember the names of the bigger ones.

Good luck dude.