Car Wanted

We are looking for a used (not very old) car in very good condition. If you are interested in selling, drop us a line at can be used to search for used cars on the market. What kind of car are you looking for?

Thanks for the link. We are looking for a sedan (automatic), not over 5 years old. And reasonably priced!

I believe that they also publish a thick monthly book where you can buy at bookstorees that lists the same cars. I would be extra careful in buying a used car here. I beleive that the dealers can be very deceptive and I would strongly recommend that you bring it to a dealer to get it inspected and have enough seat time. You should be able to get a decently used Japanese car for under 250,000 NT$ or less. The Honda Accord is a good buy as I find that Toyota vehicles keep their value very well and result in a high used car price.